December 07, 2015

Tis' the Season of Holiday Parties: Do it the right way!

As the holidays come closer and the weather gets colder we approach the holiday party season! It’s the time of the year we look forward to with friends and family. This holiday party season only comes once a year so lets do it right. Having a few holiday dresses in your wardrobe is necessary for a successful party going! Even though your attire is the most important part we have much more advice for you to follow to make sure your holiday parties are a success!

First the outfit

Arriving in style is always a must!
This season we love the daring and sleek look. You can never go wrong with black for a sleek classic look, but if your feeling bold and sassy adding some burgundy to your outfit is a must!

 Holiday party dresses

 Outfit 1 worn by Shaye

Black Bodycon Dress
Burgundy Necklace

    little black dress

    Outfit 2 worn by Lauren

    Cut Out to Strut Out Top 
    Filled For Anything Skirt
    Silver Chunky Necklace
      Holiday party attire

         Outfit 3 worn by Kelsey

        Layered To Impressed Dress
          Black Cocktail dresses

           Outfit 4 worn by Caelin

          Cutout For this Dress
          White Statement Necklace

             Holiday dresses

            These pieces are coming to our online store soon! If you can’t wait any longer give us a call and we can place your order over the phone!


            •  Always arrive within the first twenty minutes. Never arrive early!
            • Do not bring any unexpected guest, and always introduce your guest.
            • Come with a small gift to thank the host for having you. Appropriate gifts could be a bottle of wine, champagne, or a small treat!


            •  Talk to as many people as you can. Don’t be shy or unwelcoming!
            • Body language speaks a lot to this! If you have your arms crossed or reserved you give off the impression you don’t want to be approached. Try to keep open up and stand with confidence, but ladies always keep those legs crossed!
            • Always bring your guest into the conversation, don’t make it feel like an awkward third party.


            • Never ever double dip!
            • Always try the food, the host worked hard.
            • Don’t over indulge. You are there to make conversation, not stay by the food the whole night.


            • Have fun but avoid becoming the hot mess. We all remember the one drunk girl who over did it at last years Christmas party.

             The Exit:

            •  Sometimes the leaving can get awkward. Try to gage the appropriate timing to make your exit.
            • Do not overstay or leave after 15 minutes. Try to be the middle person. Don’t be the first or last to leave (unless you can tell the host wants help cleaning up or they want you to stay).

             Last but not least have fun!

             Keeping these do’s and don’ts in mind you will be sure to do your holiday parties right!








              Kayla Sumpter
              Kayla Sumpter


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