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Six Tips on How to Survive Oktoberfest

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Don’t miss out on the fun, join us in celebrating Oktoberfest! 
First, lets look at some tips to prepare!

Tip #1 Learn the language
Whether you are going to your local Oktoberfest or have the chance to go to Germany try learning a few common phrases! This will enhance your experience and make you feel a bit more cultured! Not only will you impress your friends, you will have fun with it too! 

Here are some common phrases to try:
Thank you: Danke
Please: Bitte
Cheers!: Prost!
Yes/No: Ja/Nein
Hello: Hallo
How are you?: Wie geht es ihnen?

Tip #2 Pace yourself 
It’s easy to get carried away with excitement when you have your first stein of beer in front of you. Over eager attendees tend to tap out first. Stay and enjoy the whole festival! Don’t miss the prime evening festivities!

girl drinking a beer

Tip #3 Get in the spirit and dress up!
Dressing up always equals more fun. When will it ever be acceptable to wear the full traditional outfits again? Boys get your lederhosens out and girls get your dirndls out and get ready for fun! Ladies, if you tie your dirndl on the left it’s a sign you are single, and if it’s tied on the right means you are taken!


Tip #4 If you put your foot on the table be prepared
Ladies and gents if you’re caught putting your foot on the table this signals the tent you are ready to chug your entire stein and once you’ve done that there is no going back.


Tip #5 Try the food!
Your experience won’t be complete without …. Food! Of course! Who would want to skip out on german food anyway?

Tip #6 Lastly, have fun! 
Music, friends, family, beer, and delicious food. What more is there to ask for?



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