August 11, 2015

Travel Tips For Your Summer Getaway!


For Elyse Travel Tips!

 As the summer winds down, and a new semester is looming, we've been scrambling to pack in a few more travel adventures. With that in mind, this week we thought we'd count down our favorite travel tips to keep you prepared for your last minute excursions!

Tip #1

With all the travel sites out there, it can be overwhelming to try to get a good price on flights. Recently we discovered the Hopper app, which instantly compares all travel sites and flight deals to make sure you get the absolute cheapest price! Download it now, you'll thank us later!

Tip #2

We've all seen them on flights. The people with the overstuffed carry-on bag. Avoid this pitfall by evaluating your carry-on luggage necessities well before the flight. The way we see it, there are really on a few carry-on must haves. They include: headphones, an eye mask, bottled water, and a book or magazine. That's it! Make your life easy by sticking those essentials.


Tip #3

Plan your outfits ahead of time. We've all been there, frantically shoveling clothes into a suitcase the night before a flight. Sidestep this ritual of panic by planning your outfits out ahead of time.

Tip #4

Does your summer getaway include beach plans? Here's a handy checklist for items you might not think to bring, but you'll sure be glad you did!

  • portable speakers
  • baby powder (gets rid of sandy feet in a snap!)
  • waterproof phone case
  • diffuser water bottle (stay hydrated!)

That's all from us for this week! Be sure to share your favorite travel tips below!



Alex Chrin
Alex Chrin


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