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Mix It Up: Pizza Toppings!

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Ah pizza, the food that can do no wrong... sometimes though, it's nice to think outside the run of the mill, pepperoni, pineapple, or olive toppings. This week we're taking you down the rabbit hole of pizza toppings that you might not have considered before, but should definitely think about adding to your next pie. Shaved Asparagus Pizza Shaved Asparagus PizzaSpring is the perfect time to get creative with asparagus, and this pizza recipe from Smitten Kitchen is the perfect way to break out of the sauteed asparagus box. With scallions and mozzarella, this pizza makes the perfect go-to recipe to mix it up on a weekday night. Deb of Smitten Kitchen provides a great pizza dough recipe, but in a pinch we love the whole wheat dough available at Trader Joe's. Squash Blossom & Burrata Pizza Squash Blossom PizzaSquash blossoms have become somewhat of a food trend in themselves, and we love the pairing of them with the mild, creamy taste of Burrata cheese. This pizza is best in August when the blossoms are in season, so we suggest tucking this recipe from Turntable Kitchen away for a couple of months. Save now, and thank us later! Pizza with Eggs and Ham Eggs and HamWho says you can't have pizza for breakfast? This pizza features eggs, ham, Gruyère cheese and spring onions for a savory, slightly salty and deliciously decadent treat that you'll love! (Via Expat Kitchen). Roasted Eggplant Pizza Eggplant PizzaWith a tahini spread base, feta cheese and a generous helping of roasted eggplant, this pizza is definitely outside the box but a good alternative to greasy sausage or pepperoni. (Via Sprouted Kitchen). What are your favorite outside-the-box pizza toppings?

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