March 07, 2016

Successful Women's Nightly Routine


First things first lets break those bad habits.

It’s may seem relaxing to fall asleep to the sound of Netflix or scrolling through your phone right before bed, however studies have shown this can do more harm than good. Our minds are in a constant “go mode” all day. Using electronics right before bed can cause an increase of brain activity, which results in a harder time sleeping.

Leave the phone, the Netflix, the e-mails, and the social media on silent an hour before you go to sleep. Instead either cozy up to a good book or play meditation music.



Late night snack

Sometimes you just haven’t gotten enough to eat that day and you have to have a snack before bed. If you’re going to snack do it tight with foods high in tryptophan. Tryptophan helps produce serotonin, which makes melatonin. Melatonin helps control the sleeping cycle for a better night rest. You can find this in food such as milk, bananas, turkey, yogurt, and more.


late night snack 


Always wash your face

We all get lazy from time to time, but washing your face before bed is key. Don’t let the “it’s just one night” get a hold of you. We all know its not just one night.

 always wash your face before bed 


Bubble time

Baths are essential for relaxing. Forget the “I don’t have time” and get your booty in there. The warm water will relax your muscles and tension from all your daytime stresses. Try out different oils to soothe your skin and get your aromatherapy in.

 bubble bath


Treat yourself

Chocolate is good in moderation especially dark chocolate! Leave your taste buds happy with a little bit of sweetness at the end of your day.



December 11, 2015

Tips For Surviving Finals Week!


Every college student knows the feeling. The months have passed and they are here - it's finals time. For Elyse has your back to keep you calm and collected while you handle those exams! Here are 6 great tips to bring home those A's:



Before your finals 

1. Plan!



(Image via The Peaceful Parent)

Planning is everything when it comes to finals! Keep a complete outline of what you need to do and when your finals are. If you are organized before your finals begin, taking them will be a breeze! Always remember to allocate yourself more time for your more challenging courses!

2. Take Breaks!

It may seem weird but allowing yourself the time to have a break during cramming for finals is so important. You don't want to get burned out! If you continually cram you will eventually just be reading or doing without comprehension. Close your book, close your laptop, and allow yourself to process. When you're taking your breaks still try to use your time wisely and avoid sitting in front of the TV or on social media. Go to the gym, take a nap, or eat something healthy. 

During your finals

3. Use Your Time Wisely!

Manage your time and make sure you are on track with what you've planned. If you have multiple finals on the same day - don't stress! Allocate the time needed for each of the individual tests. You can do it! For example, If you have two exams make study guides for each and alternate between the two until you feel as though you have a hold on both of the subject matter. 

4. Get some sleep!

We can't stress this enough! It may seem necessary to stay up all night and study but that isn't the case. Allow yourself to get at least 6 hours of sleep so you can be functional! 

5. Hydrate!

During finals it can seem necessary to chug the coffee and red bull and don't get us wrong! At times it is, but don't forget to also drink water. Dehydration can cause headaches and even make you more tired! Drinking water can help boost your brain power and help you remember all those terms from every chapter! 

After your finals

6. Celebrate!

You're done! You did it! The exam is turned in and your work there is done. Text your girls and put on your favorite outfit and hit the town!

Good Luck on your finals! 

XO, For Elyse


December 07, 2015

Tis' the Season of Holiday Parties: Do it the right way!

As the holidays come closer and the weather gets colder we approach the holiday party season! It’s the time of the year we look forward to with friends and family. This holiday party season only comes once a year so lets do it right. Having a few holiday dresses in your wardrobe is necessary for a successful party going! Even though your attire is the most important part we have much more advice for you to follow to make sure your holiday parties are a success!

First the outfit

Arriving in style is always a must!
This season we love the daring and sleek look. You can never go wrong with black for a sleek classic look, but if your feeling bold and sassy adding some burgundy to your outfit is a must!

 Holiday party dresses

 Outfit 1 worn by Shaye

Black Bodycon Dress
Burgundy Necklace

    little black dress

    Outfit 2 worn by Lauren

    Cut Out to Strut Out Top 
    Filled For Anything Skirt
    Silver Chunky Necklace
      Holiday party attire

         Outfit 3 worn by Kelsey

        Layered To Impressed Dress
          Black Cocktail dresses

           Outfit 4 worn by Caelin

          Cutout For this Dress
          White Statement Necklace

             Holiday dresses

            These pieces are coming to our online store soon! If you can’t wait any longer give us a call and we can place your order over the phone!


            •  Always arrive within the first twenty minutes. Never arrive early!
            • Do not bring any unexpected guest, and always introduce your guest.
            • Come with a small gift to thank the host for having you. Appropriate gifts could be a bottle of wine, champagne, or a small treat!


            •  Talk to as many people as you can. Don’t be shy or unwelcoming!
            • Body language speaks a lot to this! If you have your arms crossed or reserved you give off the impression you don’t want to be approached. Try to keep open up and stand with confidence, but ladies always keep those legs crossed!
            • Always bring your guest into the conversation, don’t make it feel like an awkward third party.


            • Never ever double dip!
            • Always try the food, the host worked hard.
            • Don’t over indulge. You are there to make conversation, not stay by the food the whole night.


            • Have fun but avoid becoming the hot mess. We all remember the one drunk girl who over did it at last years Christmas party.

             The Exit:

            •  Sometimes the leaving can get awkward. Try to gage the appropriate timing to make your exit.
            • Do not overstay or leave after 15 minutes. Try to be the middle person. Don’t be the first or last to leave (unless you can tell the host wants help cleaning up or they want you to stay).

             Last but not least have fun!

             Keeping these do’s and don’ts in mind you will be sure to do your holiday parties right!








              November 20, 2015

              Holiday Gift Guide for Her


              Only a few weekends until Christmas! (34 days to be exact, but who's counting?!) The holiday season snuck up on us this year and buying the perfect gift for your loved ones can be tough! For Elyse is here to help you shop for the perfect present all under $50!

              1. Alex and Ani Path of Life candle ($28!) This candle is seriously amazing. It has the sweetest smell and a calming crackling candle wick. It definitely gets us in the holiday spirit.

              2. Naked2 Basics Palette ($29!) Absolutely love this palette. It's easy to build into a deeper smoky eye, or use this to get ready quickly for a day at school or the office and still look cute.

              3. Antropologie Tea Cup ($12) The cutest tea or coffee cup. Definitely brightens our mornings and days!

              4. Rifle Paper Co. Notebooks ($10!) For the lady that loves to write things down and stay organized.

              5. Vintage T-Shirt Dress ($32!) We love this look and it is a trend of the season! We want one in every color!

              6. Lorna Jane "Work It" Work Out tank ($35!) Who else needs a little #motivation when they are working out? *raises hand! Get this for the lady who you can always catch working it out at the gym!

              7. Alex and Ani Initial Necklace ($28!) We love Alex and Ani. They are trendy and classic. They are easy to accessorize and can dress up any outfit! Both silver and gold are available.

              8. Initial Stud Earrings ($25!) Initials are so on trend right now. We think these are so cute and thye come in silver and gold!

              9. Sonix Gold Flower Phone Case ($35!) Get this for the lady who is busy on her phone. She's for sure to get a compliment on her case every time she pulls this out!

              10. Philosophy Holiday Set ($42!) This smells like heaven! Get this for the lady that loves to treat herself!

              We hope you loved this gift guide, what's on your Christmas list? Comment below!

              XOXO // @ForElyse 

              October 02, 2015

              Six Tips on How to Survive Oktoberfest

              Don’t miss out on the fun, join us in celebrating Oktoberfest! 
              First, lets look at some tips to prepare!

              Tip #1 Learn the language
              Whether you are going to your local Oktoberfest or have the chance to go to Germany try learning a few common phrases! This will enhance your experience and make you feel a bit more cultured! Not only will you impress your friends, you will have fun with it too! 

              Here are some common phrases to try:
              Thank you: Danke
              Please: Bitte
              Cheers!: Prost!
              Yes/No: Ja/Nein
              Hello: Hallo
              How are you?: Wie geht es ihnen?

              Tip #2 Pace yourself 
              It’s easy to get carried away with excitement when you have your first stein of beer in front of you. Over eager attendees tend to tap out first. Stay and enjoy the whole festival! Don’t miss the prime evening festivities!

              girl drinking a beer

              Tip #3 Get in the spirit and dress up!
              Dressing up always equals more fun. When will it ever be acceptable to wear the full traditional outfits again? Boys get your lederhosens out and girls get your dirndls out and get ready for fun! Ladies, if you tie your dirndl on the left it’s a sign you are single, and if it’s tied on the right means you are taken!


              Tip #4 If you put your foot on the table be prepared
              Ladies and gents if you’re caught putting your foot on the table this signals the tent you are ready to chug your entire stein and once you’ve done that there is no going back.


              Tip #5 Try the food!
              Your experience won’t be complete without …. Food! Of course! Who would want to skip out on german food anyway?

              Tip #6 Lastly, have fun! 
              Music, friends, family, beer, and delicious food. What more is there to ask for?

              August 19, 2015

              Sweet Summer Lemonade

              There's still time before long summer days give way to cool fall mornings. We're determined to savor every last drop the season of sunshine has to offer. That's why we're sharing our favorite lemonade recipe with you. Enjoy! 

              2 cups water
              ½ cup sugar
              1½ cups ice
              ½ cup fresh lemon juice


              Make a simple syrup by heating ½ cup of water and ½ cup sugar in a small pot. Stir the mixture until the sugar is completely dissolved. Remove from heat. Mix ice into the simple syrup. Add lemon juice and remaining water, mix into a pitcher or jar and stir. Add water to taste. Serve immediately or chill. 


              Mix it up!
              An easy way to mix up this recipe is by making an infused simple syrup! For example if you wanted to make lavender lemonade, when heating the water and sugar, simply add 1/2 a tablespoon of dried lavender. Once the sugar has dissolved remove from heat and let the lavender steep for 10 minutes (or longer if you prefer a stronger infusion) then strain the syrup. With infused simple syrups the flavor possibilities are endless! Try using some sweet summer fruits like peaches, blueberry lemonade or even add an herb taste with strawberry basil!

              Styling hint: We love the way this lemonade looks served up in Mason jars! 
              August 11, 2015

              Travel Tips For Your Summer Getaway!


              For Elyse Travel Tips!

               As the summer winds down, and a new semester is looming, we've been scrambling to pack in a few more travel adventures. With that in mind, this week we thought we'd count down our favorite travel tips to keep you prepared for your last minute excursions!

              Tip #1

              With all the travel sites out there, it can be overwhelming to try to get a good price on flights. Recently we discovered the Hopper app, which instantly compares all travel sites and flight deals to make sure you get the absolute cheapest price! Download it now, you'll thank us later!

              Tip #2

              We've all seen them on flights. The people with the overstuffed carry-on bag. Avoid this pitfall by evaluating your carry-on luggage necessities well before the flight. The way we see it, there are really on a few carry-on must haves. They include: headphones, an eye mask, bottled water, and a book or magazine. That's it! Make your life easy by sticking those essentials.


              Tip #3

              Plan your outfits ahead of time. We've all been there, frantically shoveling clothes into a suitcase the night before a flight. Sidestep this ritual of panic by planning your outfits out ahead of time.

              Tip #4

              Does your summer getaway include beach plans? Here's a handy checklist for items you might not think to bring, but you'll sure be glad you did!

              • portable speakers
              • baby powder (gets rid of sandy feet in a snap!)
              • waterproof phone case
              • diffuser water bottle (stay hydrated!)

              That's all from us for this week! Be sure to share your favorite travel tips below!



              June 24, 2014

              Las Vegas Guide

              Las Vegas is a getaway destination for millions. It can definitely feel over done, so we're here to help you with some ideas  if you want a break from the non-stop party scene!

              Pool Hopping (Thanks Groupon!)

              With a quick download and search of "Pools" on the Groupon app, you can try different hotel pools at a low cost. Most of them also come with 1-2 drinks included in the price, which can cut your costs in half!


              South Las Vegas Boulevard: The Polaroid Fotobar, Sprinkles & Quirky Shops

              If you wander down South Las Vegas Boulevard (near the Flamingo), there is an awesome side street filled with quirky stores like Kitson, The Polaroid Fotobar (you can print your photos from your smartphone into polaroids for only $1!) & Sprinkles, a magical cupcake and ice cream land! Processed with VSCOcam with h3 preset

              Bachelorette Ideas at The Cosmopolitan Hotel

              Sometimes it can be nice to choose one destination if you're having a group celebration, like a bachelorette party. The Cosmopolitan Hotel is the perfect destination for a good time. Here's just a few things you can do at this swanky, modern hotel on the strip.

              Drinks at the Cosmopolitan Chandelier Bar. Each floor has a secret drink, and maybe if you catch your server on a good night, they'll clue you in ;) **Tip: "The Verbana" is the second floor drink, which features a tequila drink with lemon verbena leaves and a "szechuan button", which is an edible flower that numbs/tingles your mouth - enhancing the flavor of the drink. Rose. Rabbit. Lie. An experimental show that combines cabaret, vaudeville and burlesque into one. **Tip: If you eat dinner at any of the restaurants within the Cosmopolitian, they will often give you a 50 % coupon for the show with your bill :) Rent the Runway Cosmopolitan: You can rent designer dresses for the night at MUCH cheaper than retail cost - they also offer bachelorette packages that include makeup and hairstyling for the full glamour experience before you go out. ** Tip: You can get special summer deals if you sign up ahead of time online, like 3 dresses for the price of 1, $25 off, etc.

               Free Activities

              Be an audience member at a new CBS pilot show before it hits the air! (MGM Grand) Bellagio Conservatory (24hrs a day): A botanical garden of lush, colorful flowers and plants made into unique shapes with water ponds, birds, etc. It's especially pretty when the lights glow at night. ellagioness Fountains at Bellagio: While the fountain show itself is pretty, sometimes it's the view that makes the experience worth the wait. photo 2-19 Last, but not least. I always like to make sure I hit a few of these airport pit-stops before I leave :) How cute is this Benefit Cosmetics beauty kiosk?? Desktop1Have you done any of these things before? Share your favorite Las Vegas stops below!
              April 30, 2014

              Mix It Up: Pizza Toppings!

              Ah pizza, the food that can do no wrong... sometimes though, it's nice to think outside the run of the mill, pepperoni, pineapple, or olive toppings. This week we're taking you down the rabbit hole of pizza toppings that you might not have considered before, but should definitely think about adding to your next pie. Shaved Asparagus Pizza Shaved Asparagus PizzaSpring is the perfect time to get creative with asparagus, and this pizza recipe from Smitten Kitchen is the perfect way to break out of the sauteed asparagus box. With scallions and mozzarella, this pizza makes the perfect go-to recipe to mix it up on a weekday night. Deb of Smitten Kitchen provides a great pizza dough recipe, but in a pinch we love the whole wheat dough available at Trader Joe's. Squash Blossom & Burrata Pizza Squash Blossom PizzaSquash blossoms have become somewhat of a food trend in themselves, and we love the pairing of them with the mild, creamy taste of Burrata cheese. This pizza is best in August when the blossoms are in season, so we suggest tucking this recipe from Turntable Kitchen away for a couple of months. Save now, and thank us later! Pizza with Eggs and Ham Eggs and HamWho says you can't have pizza for breakfast? This pizza features eggs, ham, Gruyère cheese and spring onions for a savory, slightly salty and deliciously decadent treat that you'll love! (Via Expat Kitchen). Roasted Eggplant Pizza Eggplant PizzaWith a tahini spread base, feta cheese and a generous helping of roasted eggplant, this pizza is definitely outside the box but a good alternative to greasy sausage or pepperoni. (Via Sprouted Kitchen). What are your favorite outside-the-box pizza toppings?