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What's In Our Bag?

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The "What's In My Bag" tag has been popular on social media and YouTube for a few years now, and we are still obsessed! There's something so exciting about seeing the hidden gems and treasures people carry with them on a daily basis. Today, we're giving you an exclusive peak into our model Caelin's bag!

"I try to keep what's in my bag very minimal, and only carry the essentials! My eyes are pretty sensitive, so I always reach for these gold sunglasses, plus the reflective lens is super cute and doubles as a mirror.

I also like to carry a mini roll on perfume, just in case I need a bit of a pick me up - this one from The Beehive smells delicious!

Chapstick, mints, and a hair clip are no brainers. I keep these in my purse in case of a bad hair day, or if I need to freshen up my smile.

Lastly, I always carry coconut oil! This oil is soo versitle. I use it as a hand cream, lip gloss, and moisturizer! It's my trusty sidekick and I never leave home without it."

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