December 01, 2015

Blogger Feature: Green Tea With A Hint Of Me

This week we are featuring guest blogger Jennifer Palhegyi of Green Tea With A Hint Of Me We fell in love with Jennifer's sweet and classic FE girl style. After a few conversations with her we decided to send her Lush's Good For You dress. Here is what Jennifer had to say about For Elyse:

"For Elyse is one of my GO TO stores in Chico. It's hard coming from the Bay Area to a small town like Chico. The malls just aren't the same but For Elyse NEVER disappoints. I always find what I'm looking for plus extra! It's like when you go to Target & rationalize a reason to buy the entire store by the time you leave ha ha! That's what For Elyse does to me! ALSO, If you aren't from Chico, CA it's okay! They recently opened a website this year where you can find all of the amazing products featured in this look! I'm absolutely obsessed with this dress! It's the perfect mix of classy and sexy in one, fits amazingly and was the most comfortable dress I've worn in awhile! It was exactly what I needed to wear when I hit the dance floor all night!"

Here are some pictures of Jennifer rocking our dress


Looks from this article:
Dress: Good For You - For Elyse
Shoes: Some Heal - For Elyse (In Store Exclusive)
Earrings: For Elyse (In Store Exclusive)


We think you look beautiful, Jennifer!

To see Jennifer's full blog check out Green Tea With A Hint Of Me here!

XOXO // @ForElyse

Caelin Nieto
Caelin Nieto


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December 01, 2015

Thank you again for sending me this dress! It’s stunning!


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