January 01, 2015

Pantone Guide: Spring 2015! (Part 1)

The trendsetters at Pantone have spoken, and the official color palate for spring 2015 is in! Here's part one of our two part installment of how to incorporate these seasonal colors into your spring wardrobe!  Pantone We know we're only halfway through winter, but we just can't help feeling totally excited about this bright and cheery color. Whether you're mixing in a small dash of tangerine as an accent, or going all out with it, you can't go wrong with such a happy color! 1. http://www.forelyse.com/collections/tops/Crop-Tops 2. http://www.forelyse.com/collections/accessories/Jewelry 3. http://www.forelyse.com/collections/tops/Tanks 4. http://www.forelyse.com/collections/dresses/Maxi-Dresses Pantone Glacier Gray There's something really soothing about this cool grey, which is subtle but still definitely chic! Here are our picks for how to incorporate this classic color into your wardrobe. 1. http://www.forelyse.com/collections/denim/Denim-Jackets 2. http://www.forelyse.com/collections/tops 3. http://www.forelyse.com/collections/tops/Sweaters 4. http://www.forelyse.com/collections/dresses Pantone Lucite Green A new take on the cool mint color of last season, we're loving this lucite green color from Pantone. Here are our picks: 1. http://www.forelyse.com/collections/dresses 2. http://www.forelyse.com/products/diana-cami-1 3. http://www.forelyse.com/collections/dresses 4. http://www.forelyse.com/collections/dresses Pantone Ah, classic blue, how can you go wrong? We love the nautical motif in the Sail Away Dress at the bottom right, but anyway you incorporate this color staple, it's hard to miss the mark! 1. http://www.forelyse.com/collections/dresses 2. http://www.forelyse.com/collections/dresses3. http://www.forelyse.com/collections/tops/Tanks 4. http://www.forelyse.com/collections/dressesPantone The ultimate versatile color to wear in delicate florals or a classic light wash, we couldn't be more pleased about this pick from Pantone! 1. http://www.forelyse.com/collections/tops/Tanks 2. http://www.forelyse.com/collections/tops 3. http://www.forelyse.com/collections/dresses 4. http://www.forelyse.com/collections/denim
Nicholas McBride
Nicholas McBride


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