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Pledging to Promote Positive Body Image

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You Are Beautiful Without Photoshop For Elyse is taking a stand against unhealthy photo-manipulation. (Feel free to share this image!) [/caption] In today's media, it can be difficult to tell when you're looking at a real human being or a digital impersonation. That's why we at For Elyse are pledging to promote positive, realistic, and healthy body image among men and women by limiting how much we manipulate images of our models. Our pledge: We pledge to never alter a photo to change the size, shape, or color of our models. This is our public commitment, but we are proud to say not much needs to change on account of it. For Elyse has always been conscious of our models' appearance integrity. When you look through our website, you will see images of men and women that have only been Photoshopped for things like accurate clothing color depiction and to remove tattoos, but you won't find models whose proportions have been pushed, stretched, or distorted to fit a so-called ideal. We are Photoshop minimalists. If you've been following the ongoing photo-manipulation controversy in the media, you've probably already heard about ModCloth. This August, they were the first large retailer to sign the Heroes Pledge for Advertisers. Like For Elyse, they are frustrated by the over-use of Photoshop in advertising. You can check out their blog and website for more about on how they edit images. Here's an example of how we edit our photos: [caption id="attachment_8457" align="alignnone" width="1500"]Before and after photo-editing Before and after editing with the Sweet Lace Dress by Mystic. [/caption] Check out the before and after. We brightened the entire photo so you can see the dress better, evened the background lighting, smoothed out the backdrop, and removed any dirt spots. There's a big difference, but just about all our changes weren't to the model. Most of the edits were exclusive to the vinyl sheet she stands atop. As you can see, programs like Photoshop and Lightroom are wonderful for correcting lighting settings that didn't get shot perfectly in camera. They're also great for editing out distractions like wrinkles in the backdrop and removing unwanted objects that made their way in frame. When we Photoshop, we're working to give you the best shopping experience, not to mislead you into thinking our models look different than they do. After all, each of us is beautiful without Photoshop. For further reading and ways to get involved in promoting healthy body image, head over to The Brave Girls Alliance at They are asking the media "to expand their version of what it means to be a girl, and recognize our girls as whole, complex people and not as gender stereotypes. Stop profiting from selling girls short." More detailed information on the consequences of negative media can be found here. We want you to be confident when you shop at For Elyse. Our goal is to empower you to find fashion that fits your personality, style, and body. That's why we're taking a stand against misleading media—especially the over-use of Photoshop and other image editors. + Tell us how you feel. Have you been affected by photo-manipulation and the media's interpretation of ideal beauty? Comment below. ♥


  • Cierra: May 19, 2015

    Thank you, Ali! :)

  • Ali: May 19, 2015

    This is a wonderful post, and I’m so glad to have been able to work with such a body positive company such as yourself. -Ali

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