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Summer Staycation Guide

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If you haven't unpacked your suitcase for a month because you've been gone every weekend, then you're in dire need of a staycation. Actually, regardless of your summer schedule, staycations are for everyone. Whether you've been jet-setting, working long hours, or just need a recharge, a little time to yourself to do all the things you've been wanting to do for you, and only you, will have you feeling brand new. So recover from work (or wedding season) with these 8 easy things to do on your staycation - rest up, read up and rejuvenate! Bike, Riding 1. Get local. No matter where you live, with a little research there's bound to be a secret swimming hole you've never been to, or a local museum you've never checked out. Plan a date with your city and go to that French restaurant you've always wanted to try, or just turn off your phone and go for a long drive/bike/walk around areas you've never been before but always wanted to go to. 2. Nap like it's nobody's business. Turn off your phone, get off the grid, and get cat-like. Summers are perfect for a nap by the pool or in a hammock. Still feeling a bit restless? Read for a bit or practice a few meditation techniques. 3. Spa-out. Transform your kitchen or bathroom into your own private sanctuary with these easy all-natural at-home spa tips. 4. Movie night. It's pretty impossible to stay up to date with all the amazing films that have come and gone - now is the time! Perhaps you've never seen all the Godfather movies, or you just missed seeing one of the Oscar Award winning films in the theater, get to your local Redbox or renew that Netflix membership. Pop some popcorn, do an at-home mani-pedi, and escape! 5. Get Julia with it. What have you been craving? Whatever it is, you have the recipe at your fingertips with a little online research. Pop a bottle of your finest red, turn on your favorite tunes, and wear that apron you received as a gift but have never worn (so NOW this cow-print apron with the pink ruffles comes in handy!). Start early, take your time, and reap the rewards of your relaxing kitchen time. 6. The heart of the matter. Has this staycation been a long time coming? Things can pile up no matter where you are in life, and it's always good to make sure you're centered. Turn off your phone and computer, light some candles and get out the journal if you need to, and just be. A lot of the time the answer to what's bothering us is there the whole time, you just need some quiet time to reflect. 7. Treat yo'self. Put on that soft terry robe, burn that expensive candle, give your bed a nightly turn down service with a chocolate on your pillow even. Whatever your digs are, just a few thoughtful touches that appeal to you can make it a five-star resort. What things do you absolutely love when you take a vacation? Tune into what makes you feel super luxurious and take the time to treat yourself to this. 8. The art of being horizontal. Make your bed or couch your new command center. Surround yourself with all your favorite things or things you've been meaning to get to (magazine collage? Thank you notes? A hand-written letter to a friend you want to re-connect with?). Get super comfy, wear that onesie no one knows about, and realize how much you can get done with the least amount of physical movement. Feeling rested? We want to hear how it went, what you enjoyed, and more ideas to add to the list!


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