July 07, 2014

Bachelorette Party Ideas & Planning 101

So the whole 27 dresses situation can be a real thing, at least I'm feeling Katherine Heigl when it comes to a closet full of tulle and the crazy pressure of being in a wedding party many...(many)...times. I do have to say, each time it does get easier. Be your MOH? I'm there. Plan a bachelorette party in a of couple weeks for 15 girls? Done. Make sure it's the best time ever on a budget? Check. I know for my first couple bachelorette parties I googled for hours looking for bachelorette party ideas, best practices, organizational tools, etc. A lot of what I came across were pretty cheesy ideas and some that were way out of our league. Hopefully this serves as a happy medium with helpful tips on planning with a large group, destination ideas on a budget, and fun activities that don't involve this. Happy planning! Where do I start? You just got the phone call from your bff. "Maid of honor?? Of couuuuurseeee....I can't waitttt...OMG...it's gonna be AMAZINGGGG..." you hear yourself say. When really, you might be thinking: "WTH AM I GOING TO DO. WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN." Breathe! It's going to be okay. In fact, it may actually be really fun. First steps: Get with the wedding party. These are your go-to girls, and for the next month/year they will be like your sisters (ie: after planning, perhaps some drama, and traveling with these people you will be pretty much bonded for life whether you choose to or not). Schedule a phone call or skype session to brainstorm ideas. More than likely you will all be in different parts of the country (or world) and logistics can play a big factor on where/when the partying takes place. Also make sure to tackle the biggest issue with bachelorette party planning: BUDGET. What is everyone willing to spend? Bachelorette Destination Ideas: The Classic: Viva Las Vegas. LasVegasStrip This one never gets old because you really just can't go wrong. We've got you covered with money saving trips if you're on a budget and unique things to do. Also, don't limit yourself to the regular itinerary of Chippendale's and gambling - Vegas is forever hosting new and exciting shows and things to do. From indoor skydiving to fancy dinners with aerialists floating above your head, Vegas continues to out-do itself and is never, ever boring. Mexico: Mariachi and Margaritas. Playa-del-Carmen-México_114822292_baixa Whether it's Cabo, Puerto Vallarta or smaller cities such as Sayulita or Manzanillo - they're all GORGEOUS. Not only that, you can't beat the many all-inclusive hotels that are the norm there. Whether you're renting a party boat, having an all night dance party, or simply only at the spa or swim-up bar(s), Mexico has it all. Stop trying to mimic the best fish tacos in the world and just go to the source - everyone will thank you. Austin: Meet in the middle. austin-skyline-mark-weaver Maybe not your typical bachelorette party destination, but Austin has been making a name for itself as a new go-to for bachelorettes. Austin hosts some of the best restaurants in the world, an unbeatable music scene, and thriving nightlife. It also boasts budget-friendly, chic places to stay and a convenient locale if you're having people fly in from around the country. The One Time It's Okay to be a Little OCD. So you've run your ideas by the bride, she picks one - you're good to go right? Actually, you're just getting started. Now it's time to fill in all the blanks - where to stay, where to eat, who wants to room with who, arrival times, activities (this site is the best!), props, prices - the list goes on and on. If you don't want an email chain that blows up immediately, it's best to email each person individually to get an idea of budget (also so they feel comfortable) and what they would like to chip in for. From there, start putting together places that you know the bride will love and still falls reasonably within everyone's budget. This website does a great job of supplying the right tools and ideas to get you started. From there, put that Excel expertise to good use! Start plugging in the itinerary and costs so you can let people know the total you're looking at per person. Yes, I just said itinerary. Whether it's 5 or 15 people going, you can easily end up with a lot of confusion of who is going where when, who's arriving at what time, etc. The less confusion the better! Also, let's be real, after the first bottle of champagne is popped, the likelihood of people losing eachother goes up at least 150%. Wait, What to Wear? Itinerary is set, you've made classy props for everyone to wear, you've packed the bride's favorite card game - basically you've checked off your 100-item list and you're ready to go. Except for one minor detail - legit what are you wearing? Perhaps the first night you're all wearing red or black, and maybe the second night it's all out sequins and mini skirts. Whatever you've decided as your theme, you shouldn't have any trouble finding the perfect ensemble here. 78516_Black_0178226_ivory_0177018_Black_Nude_01 We want to hear how it goes! Post what worked and what didn't and any funny stories (okay, we understand if you want to edit them...) in the comments below!
Amber Kierig
Amber Kierig


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