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Style Poll: Kendall Jenner

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Love them or hate them, the Kardashians are an irrefutable part of our pop culture. Slowly over the last few years, little sister Kendall Jenner seems to have been slowly eclipsing older sister Kim's fame. Recently she's been spotted in a number of daring (and strange) looks, which has made us wonder, are these fashion choices a do or don't? 2013 American Music Awards - ArrivalsJenner wore this look at the American Music awards, and maybe it's her awkward hunched shoulders, but we're not a huge fan of this all-white ensemble. If she would have swapped out the skirt for some white wide leg pants and worn her hair up with a dramatic side part and low chignon, it could have saved this overly revealing look. 2014 Billboard Music Awards - ArrivalsThere certainly is a trend of baring (almost) all when it comes to Kendall Jenner. These high waist pants and silver heels could be chic, but the overabundance of skin reads a little tacky. Kendall is undoubtedly gorgeous, but we think she could benefit from a top that's a little more substantial. Kendall And Kylie Jenner Sign Copies Of "Rebels: City Of Indra"We're torn on this one. The pose is a little stiff, and the suit could be a little better tailored, but we like the refreshing spin on the classic "power suit." What do you think, readers? Is this look a hit or a miss? LACOSTE Beautiful Desert Pool Party - Day 2Jenner looks fresh and carefree in this picture... maybe a little too carefree, judging by the oversized ring hanging from her nose. Obviously this isn't a real piercing, but c'mon Kendall, really? Keep those oversized hoops in your ears. 2014 MuchMusic Video Awards - ArrivalsYou knew we were going to bring up this dress, right? This beige gown was worn by Jenner recently at the MuchMusic Video Awards, and it caused quite a stir. It's an interesting juxtaposition, with the conservative color and long sleeves, and almost regal-looking accents, but the shock of this gown comes with the double slits up the front that rise above her hips. Call us crazy, but we were reminded of the uproar that came in 2000 when Jennifer Lopez wore that dress to the Grammy Award Ceremonies. It's certainly daring, but in a sea of the same old thing, it's kind of refreshing to see something new. What do you think readers? Is Kendall Jenner's fashion a hit or miss?


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