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Earth Day Made Easy: Simple Tips for Living Green

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In honor of Earth Day tomorrow, we'd like to pass along simple tips to follow that you can easily start incorporating into your day. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn't take much time or effort and every little bit counts! coffee Start Your Day: 1. Conscientious Caffeination: Brew "certified" coffee. USDA Certified Organic coffee means that it was grown using sustainable standards. 2. Take it To Go: Bring your own thermos to your favorite coffee joint - most give a discount! We especially like this one. 3. Brown Bag It: Cut down on the many to-go containers and wasted plastic! Plus this is a much healthier alternative - make your lunch the night before and use reusable lunch boxes (we are especially loving the ones by Mr. Bento). Reusable Bag On the Go: 1. BYOB: Bag that is. From groceries to your next mall trip, keep reusable bags in your car and in your purse. We LOVE the super mini eco-friendly bags by ChicoBag, check them out here (they come in a variety of colors and fold up to fit inside the tiniest purse!). 2. Pump it Up & Slow it Down: Driving 10mph above 60 can add 50 cents to your price per gallon! Also be sure to check your tire pressure - pumping them up to the appropriate gauge can increase your mileage by 3 percent. At Work: 1. Two-Sided Situation: Double up your printer paper by setting your printer to print double-sided (so much paper is wasted daily for non-formal documents). Also be sure to use unused paper as scratch paper for notes rather than having a notebook! 2. Your computer needs rest too: Save energy by making sure your comp and monitor are set to sleep mode if you know you'll be away for more than 10 minutes. power plug Before Bed: Shut it Down: It's a no-brainer to make sure all the lights are turned off, but always turn off all electronics and make sure they're plugged into a UL-certified power strip so you can shut them off all at once (and there aren't any phantom electrical charges). We hope these easy eco-friendly tips help and are easy to incorporate into your everyday routine! For more tips you can go here, plus be sure to let us know your own green living tips in the comments below:


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