March 17, 2014

Accessory Alert: Bicycle Edition!

There are a million reasons to ride your bike. It's free transportation, it's fun, and it's great exercise! As if you needed another reason, this week we're counting down through some of our favorite bicycle accessories currently on the market! Read on, then ride on! Wine HolderWine Rack This chic little leather strap is handmade and snaps onto your bike frame for easy wine carrying. Perfect for a picnic in the park with your sweetheart! You can snag one here, and it will set you back about $30 Classic Bike Basket Bike Basket This sweet little basket is the perfect choice for your Sunday trip to the farmers market, or even just to carry your backpack to school. Available in four different colors, this classic bike basket from Public costs $42. Pick one up here. Striped Bike Bell Striped BellThis beautiful striped bell is the perfect bike accessory for all you purists out there. Simple but elegant, try adding this bell to your townie bike to add a little panache to your daily commute! It costs $20 and you can pick one up here. Wooden Bike Basket Wooden Bike BoxThis handmade bike box is great for carrying your books on the way to class, and even makes a handy seat for your small four-legged friend. You can pick on up from a UK-based Etsy site here, and will set you back about $50. Wooden Bike Light Wood Bike LightWe stumbled across these wooden bike lights on Etsy while looking for a great carry-all bag. We've seen lights of every shape and color, but never anything like these. This one costs about $20 and you can order one here. Stag Stem Label Bike Stamp An often overlooked part of the bike, the stem is a great place to add something special that will set your ride apart from all the others. These badges are handmade, will set you back $60, and you can pick one up here. Bike Frame Handle Bike HandleAnd the winner for the handiest bike gadget out this year is... (drumroll please) the Bike Handle from Walnut Studiolo. Great for urban bikers who frequently have to carry their bikes up flights of stairs, these clever straps make carrying your bike a breeze. Pick one up here, they start at $44.
Amber Kierig
Amber Kierig


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