March 15, 2014

Kitchen Roundup: Coconut Oil!

Using Coconut Oil is one food trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. You might not have known however, that it has about a million other uses besides cooking! Today we're doing a Kitchen Roundup to explore our top ten favorite uses (in no particular order) for this wonderful, natural oil! Cooking1. Cooking Coconut oil has a fairly high smoke point, which means it can get really hot before it will start to smoke & burn. This makes it a great choice for cooking, especially as a butter replacement! 2. Skincare Coconut oil is full of natural emollients, which makes it great for natural skincare. Use it as a lotion, to remove eye makeup, or as a natural SPF! (It works out to be about SPF 4) 3. HaircareHaircare Put a dab in the palm of your hands to warm it up a bit then smooth onto your hair to help get rid of frizz and fix split ends 4. Natural Supplement Taking a bit of coconut oil every day helps support thyroid function and can help balance your insulin levels Nailcare5. Nails A bit rubbed onto your cuticles will help keep your nails healthy! 6. Acne coconut oil naturally helps fight the bacteria that can create acne. Dab a bit on at night before sleeping for some nighttime skincare help. 7. Scrub Mix coconut oil with brown sugar, oatmeal, sugar or cinnamon for a gentle and soothing face scrub! 8. Earaches A few drops of coconut oil mixed with oregano oil will help soothe an earache. 9. Shaving cream/Aftershave Use coconut oil as a natural shaving cream/aftershave for baby-soft skin that's super moisturized. 10. Leather/Furniture CareLeather Jacket Best for already naturally shinier leathers, coconut oil can be used as a leather conditioner. Be sure to test it out on a small patch first. Same goes for wood furniture in need of care.
Amber Kierig
Amber Kierig


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