February 19, 2014

Buying Trip: Paris Edition!

For Elyse owner and first class fashion-lover Amber recently look her daughter (and store namesake) Elyse to Paris on a buying trip. Now that she's back we decided to give you a look into what the trip was like with the help of her photo diary! We hope you enjoy this installment of a buying trip post: Paris edition! Paris Trip Right now all the fashion labels are producing their fall and winter fashions, so as you can see there were lots of textured layers and cozy knits. Paris Trip Another trend Amber noticed a lot of during her trip, was the addition of fur trim or fur accessories. What do you think of using fur in your fashions? Is it a do or don't?

Paris Trip

Paris Trip Paris Trip Paris Trip Paris Trip Paris Trip What would a trip to Paris be without a ride on a classic carousel? What's the best vacation you've ever gone on?
Amber Kierig
Amber Kierig


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