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Winter Skincare

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It might be warm and sunny here on the west coast where our For Elyse offices are located, but the rest of the country seems to be suffering through a doozy of a winter season. Whether you're dealing with the bitter cold on the east coast, the deceivingly high temperatures of the west, or anything in between, we can agree on one simple truth: Winter can do some major damage to your skin. Winter Skincare Tips Never fear though, we here at For Elyse are here to help guide you through the winter season and hopefully come out on the other side with your skin in good shape. Which leads us to our first skincare tip! Stay Hydrated!Stay Hydrated Now it's true, we did cover this in our New Year's Resolutions post, but with the dry winter weather and being a few weeks into the new year, it's the perfect time to revisit this simple truth: Staying hydrated is the smartest and easiest way you can help keep your skin healthy from the inside out. If you're dehydrated, your skin is going to show it with that red, flaky or irritated appearance that some of us are all too familiar with. The commonly agreed upon amount per day you should be drinking is about eight glasses a day. You can move this number around to suit your needs, but try to stay somewhere close to this. We recommend carrying a Klean Kanteen with you at all times. Not only will it help remind you to stay hydrated, you can personalize yours with a wide variety of colors and sizes, and you can feel good about the fact that you aren't adding to the large amount of plastic currently in our landfills and oceans.  

Stay Moisturized!

Curel LotionDry, sensitive skin that's prone to eczema is something I've always had to deal with, so I've tried the bulk of the lotions and creams available on the market today. The one lotion I keep coming back to again and again is basic Curel Daily Moisture Original Lotion. It isn't greasy or oily, but absorbs quickly and keeps my skin feeling moisturized all day. Curel can be found at almost any drug store and a standard bottle will set you back about $7. Another great way to help stay moisturized is to put on a body oil before showering. Hot showers can wreak havoc on your skin, making it feel tight and dry all day long. Putting on a body oil (we love Neutrogena Body Oil), before you shower will give you a layer of protection between the naturally occurring lipids in your skin, and the damaging hot water.  


Exfoliating your skin will have a lot of benefits including keeping your skin soft and glowing, keeping your pores clear, speeding up your natural renewal process, a brighter skin tone and decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. I recommend using a scrub with natural ingredients like sugar or coffee grounds. Making your own sugar or salt scrubs is super easy too; anyone can do it and you'll have the added benefit of knowing exactly where the ingredients came from!   Sugar Scrubs images courtesy of Beauty Health Tips, TreeHugger, and Curel


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