January 03, 2014

Girl on a Budget: Wallet-Friendly Ways to Update Your Look

The holidays can put a big hole in your spending budget, but don't let this keep you from feeling excited about a new or updated look for yourself. Keep it fresh with unexpected touches and easy DIY tips that will make you feel like a million bucks. gold necklaceNYX Orange Nail Polish               Accessorize, Accessorize...Accessorize. Nothing warrants a double take more than an unexpected accent to your outfit. A plain off-the-shoulder sweater and jeans are suddenly transformed when paired with a large gold necklace. Add a little bit of sparkle and pop of color with this nail polish and suddenly orange is the new black. Rediscover closet staples by adding unique touches that show off your personality and add a little edge. Haircut             Big Hair, Short Hair, Don't Care. Whether it's adding a cute conductor hat or a tiara, whatever you do to your hair is always the most noticeable change. Besides covering it up, one of the easiest ways to update your look is to go for that cut you've always wanted but may have been too timid to try. One thing is always certain about hair - it always grows back! Check your local Groupon for special deals from hair salons (just make sure you read their reviews!) and go for it. If a whole new hairdo isn't your thing, try these simple trimming techniques you can do at home that add subtle, flattering updates to your 'do. Makeup             Put Your Best Face Forward. Just the other day I was on my way to dinner with a friend who was in town for the weekend and she called me frantically to let me know she had forgotten her makeup bag at her previous hotel (oh no??!). Pressed for time and in a moment of genius, she stopped by the local department store and got a free makeover - she showed up looking better than ever! If you haven't done this already, treat yourself to a make-over by a professional - more than likely you already have all the products at home to recreate the look, but now the knowledge to go with it. Just like clothes, there are makeup trends that go in and out of style - are you up-to-date? These are just a few quick fixes that we're a fan of - what tips can you share with us? Post in the comments below!
Amber Kierig
Amber Kierig


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