December 29, 2013

New Years Resolutions

Every year it seems like we make grand, sweeping resolutions for New Years, and by the 3rd of January we've abandoned all motivation to follow through. With that in mind, this year we've decided to make a list of some easy to follow resolutions that will have a big impact on our everyday quality of life. Drink More Water Drink More Water This is a big one that we struggle with all the time. The fact is, the simple act of drinking lots of water has a big impact on your overall health. Staying hydrated makes your skin glow, aids in digestion, and helps with healthy skin and nails. General consensus suggests you should aim for drinking about eight glasses of water every day. Get More Sleep Sleep More We know how hectic life can be, from attending school, working and trying to maintain a social life, sometimes it can be hard to get a good night's sleep. However, making time to get a solid chunk of sleep every night has some really amazing health benefits like improving your memory, fighting inflammation, sharpening your attention, and improving your overall quality of life! Take Your Makeup Off Take Your Makeup Off Every Night This is a big one that usually hits when you've had an especially long day or night. Coming home and falling into bed, the last thing you want to do is get up and wash your face. As difficult as it may be to pull yourself out of bed to take your makeup off, leaving it on overnight can cause major damage. Pro tip: Keep a box of Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes by your bed for those nights when you really can't bear to get up. Wear Sunscreen Wear Sunscreen Look, we've all been there. You're at the pool or beach, and either you forget to lather up with some SPF before hitting the water, or you just decide to forgo it in hopes of darkening your tan. The fact is though, that while your tan will fade, age spots and wrinkles are forever. Thankfully there are a lot of really fantastic self-tanning products on the market these days. We recommend Fake Bake Self Tanning Mousse. You might think that since we're in the midst of the winter months you can skip the sunscreen, but research shows that even on cloudy days, 80% of UV rays reach the ground. So slather on some sunscreen now, your skin will thank you later. Clean Your Makeup Brushes After even just a few weeks of use, your makeup brushes can accumulate all kinds of oil, dirt and other dust and debris from daily use. Making sure your brushes are clean will ensure that none of that gross stuff will be transferred to your face, and has the added benefit of making the bristles softer and more effective. We recommend adding a tiny drop of shampoo into some warm water, swirling the brush around in it a bit, then running it under some lukewarm water to rinse. Don't forget to reshape the bristles after you pat them dry with a hand towel. What resolutions will you make this year? Share your own resolutions and your tips for sticking to them below in the comments!
Amber Kierig
Amber Kierig


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