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Black & White from Stars to Street fashion

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The black and white trend is back! Ready to rock the style? Before diving into some basic black and white pieces at For Elyse, let's take a look at some celebrities who have recently been sporting the trend. First we have Jessica Alba wearing a conservative black and white checkerboard dress, with black heels and a black purse to match. This shows how easy it is to have an already made black and white outfit for those who aren't sure of how to create their own. It's simple to buy the base piece and add black and white accessories to it! Second we have Jessica Chastain wearing a lacy white dress with a black blazer and black accessories to match. She chose to get two basic pieces to create her look. Lastly, Miranda Kerr is below in black leather pants, a black and white printed floral top, and a grey coat. A little bit of hard and soft makes this look trendy, and an easy everyday outfit for around town.

jessica Alba in a checkerboard dress

black and white fashion worn by Jessica Chastain

Miranda Kerr out on the town in Black and White Here are a few basic black and white pieces that can easily be paired with items from your closet to make a great outfit! First we have the Lush Step Aside Skirt. This would look great with a white tank top and cropped black blazer for a fun night look that is on trend. Next we have the Lush City Blocks Top, which could easily be paired with the Nikki Bikki Black Leggings below. These three pieces are just a few ideas for easy to wear black and white fashion. Any of these items can be paired with simple pieces from your closet for day or night. shirt black skirt with patent leather stripe Lush city blocks top                           Nikki Bikki Black Leggings   Photo Credit: Girls Talkin Smack


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