March 26, 2013

Take Me Out To The Ballgame...

Opening Day for Major League Baseball (MLB) is March 31, kicking off with the Astros vs. the Rangers. For all you fashionistas who are MLB fans, (or get dragged to games by their significant others), this post is for you! It can be a challenge when dressing for a baseball game to look stylish yet casual, and still be prepared for possible cold weather as the game stretches from day to night. Never fear! For Elyse is coming to your rescue, with a slew of outfit inspiration, perfect for looking your best at summer sporting events. If painting your face, or wearing head-to-toe team  colors isn't your style, but you'd still like to give a nod to your favorite team, consider our extensive collection of eyeshadows! Coming in a wide assortment of colors, our deluxe shadows go on sheer, but can be layered for a stronger look to suit your mood. Although our site has every color under the sun, my two favorites are the Cape Blue, a rich royal blue, and the Silver Blue, a soft, sheer color that looks really fantastic layered with other hues.


 For a casual look that holds an edge, try the Flying Monkey Color Splash Skinny Jeans in Magenta, paired with the Lush Bringing Lacey Back Top in white. These two pieces work great together, but don't look too fussy or overly styled.

Baseball Game Outfit

One of the great things about this outfit is that a wide variety of shoe choices will look great, and you can tailor your choice based on what kind of weather you're contending with. For warm-weather games, try the Delicious Clean Wedges or the City Classified Delva Sandals. Summer SandalsIf you're worried that when the sun goes down you might get a little chilly, try the Soda Faddy Flats, or the Fortune Dynamic Oak Boots, which look great with skinny jeans or tights and a skirt. Shoes To Wear To Baseball Game Another look I love for any sporting event is the Sis Sis Take Me Out Top, paired with some Flying Monkey Color Splash Jeans in any color. Here I chose to pair them with the Rose color to soften up the look, but they're really versatile.   Baseball Outfit Layering is always a great idea for baseball games, as they tend to stretch from day to night. Packing a scarf or jacket is a good call, and something you'll probably be glad you have later. Try the Butterscotch Infinity Scarf, or the Boho Striped Scarf for an easy look that pairs well with most outfits. Scarves Try topping off your look with some jewelry that reads as classy but casual. I love the Tribal Locket, or the Fallen Leaf Necklace. If Earrings are more your speed, try the Helena Earrings, Jewelry Lastly, a great bag to take to the game is the Saddle Up Stud Crossbody Bag, which is small and casual, but can still hold your wallet, keys and cell phone. Accessories
Amber Kierig
Amber Kierig


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