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Outfit of the Week: Airport Style

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With Spring Break and summer fast approaching, and (hopefully) many travel plans being made, there's always the small dilemma of what to wear while traveling. Should you go for glamor or comfort? Style or ease? Well, as someone who's taken her fair share of flights, I've had many opportunities to figure out how to be comfortable without skimping on style! I've complied a list of essential airport items, which you'll see celebs rocking first, and then a head to toe look with all the essentials that you can get from!

The Shawl Cardigan

It's almost always chilly on airplanes, so a light sweater or a cardigan is a must. Shawl cardigans are my favorite because they are so comfortable--it's almost like wearing a cardi and a blanket in one: fitted in the back, but with extra fabric in the front to wrap around yourself and snuggle in while en route.

                          Both Minka Kelly and Rosie Huntington-Whitely look cozy in their shawl cardigans; I particularity like Rosie's--doesn't it look super comfortable?

The Scarf

Scarves are your best friend while you're traveling. It can add some interest to an otherwise simple outfit, especially since jewelery can be cumbersome with all those metal detectors to contend with. Aside from aesthetic purposes, a scarf can add some warmth when needed, and also serve as an impromptu pillow or neck support when you nod off while in the clouds.

                        Here are Eva Mendes and Gwyneth Paltrow looking fierce and put together in simple grey scarves, which really pulls their outfits together.


It doesn't get much comfier than a pair of leggings. Simple black leggings are great for traveling because they match just about everything, looks good with boots or flats, and are easy to pack away until your flight home.

                    Both Reese Witherspoon and Selena Gomez look fab in their relaxed but chic travel looks, both built around a simple pair of black leggings.


If you're flying from the anywhere in the United States, you're going to have to remove your shoes to go through the security check--it's no fun, but there's no getting around it! Flats are nice and easy to remove, but if you're wearing them without socks or tights, the idea of walking where so many bare feet have been before might not be so appealing. Therefore, I'd recommend boots as the best option to keep things easy and stylish. If you can find a pair that either slip on or zip up, even better! The key is to make sure they're easy to take off and put back on, so you don't have to spend a lot of time blocking the flow of traffic while putting your shoes back on.

                      Here's Elizabeth Olsen making her way to Charles de Gaulle while wearing a pair of worn lace ups, and Mila Kunis looking sleek in a pair of black riding boots.

Get the Look!

You can find all these items for your next jet-setting adventure from! Here's our model Paige wearing all the essentials: the Sis Sis All Wrapped Up Cardigan, a pair of Zenana Fleece Lined Leggings, and the comfy with a rocker edge Palma Boot. Add a pair of sunglasses to hide your sleepy eyes while still looking glam, and an oversized bag like the Golden City Purse is always a good idea to hold reading material and snacks for during the flight!


Now you're ready to take the world by storm! See ya on the beach! Check out each of these items on our Looks We Love page! Photo credit: Zimbio


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