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Green eye shadow tutorial

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With St. Patricks day on the way, now is the time to pull out all your green in your wardrobe! Ready for something different though? How about some green eye makeup, to fill your festive spirit. Today we have two great looks to choose from, a night time and day time look. At the bottom of this post is an eye map, to show where to put your makeup on your lid, and pictures of what colors i used to get an idea of what yours could look like!

Day Time look:

1. To begin for either of these looks, begin with a clean lid. With an even coat, apply your lightest green to the base of the lid. For this I used a minty green. 2. Next, apply the medium color of green throughout the whole crease of the lid. My medium green is more of a mossy tone. Use a blending brush and blend the medium green into the base and out towards the brow. 3. Last, add your darkest green in the outer V of your eye blend this into the lid. 4. Finish with your highlight color- I used a color named Twinkle by Origins- on the brow bone and on the inner corner of your eye. With a touch of mascara you're ready to rock this look! Its simple, quick, and the perfect way to wear a soft green on your eyes without it looking like too much!

 Night Time look:

This look is especially fun if you're going to a St. Patricks Day party, or goin out with friends to celebrate. 1. This time I stared with a nude eye shadow and covered the inside half of the base of my lid, including the inner corner.  If you look to my color pallet picture, I used the middle green, for me it was the lightest. I covered the other half of my lid with this color. Then I carefully blended the two together right down the middle. 2.I then used the next darkest color to go into the crease, blending it in to the colors on the base of my lid. 3. Finally I used my darkest green and put it in the outer V of my lid. I blended this into the rest of the lid. My highlight color I added to the brow bone  and the tear duct. I blended these in to the rest of the eye shadow. 4. To make this look complete I added some black liquid eye liner and black mascara.

With these two awesome looks you will be sure to have a fabulous St. Patricks Day!

Here is a diagram to help guide you where the different colors go on your lid. Super helpful, and good information for future reference. photo credit:

Here is the makeup that I used today!

This is one of the green eyeshadows we sell here at For Elyse, use it to make your own green inspired looks! click on the picture and it will take you to the site. Also, click here the link below for all the other fabulous colors we sell!  


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