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Outfit of the Week: Lieutenant General of Fashion

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Attention! Fall in ranks with one of my favorite current fashion trends: Military! For this week's Outfit of the Week I wanted to give our model Angela a strong military inspired look and gave her the character of Lieutenant General of Fashion to get her in the mindset of the woman who loves the military trend! And I must say, she's looking not only strong but super sexy without showing any skin in this authoritative look! To give Angela that rank that she deserves in fashion, I used the Sis Sis Stars and Studs Olive Green Jacket as the main rank piece! The gold studs over the collar bone resemble medals and badges earned for perfect style and the cropped open cardigan shape keeps it young and fresh! I wanted to show off her sexy curves with showing tons of skin or taking away from the jacket, so I put her in the M. Rena Diana Cami in Black and the Flying Monkey Julie Jeans in Black show some shape to add some power to her step! The accessories for this look just enforce the military trend especially with the Soda Sam Riding Boot and the flashy studs in the MMS Thunder and Roses Clutch! To finish it all off, we slapped on some cool aviators to show that she's the boss! Get the Look: Sis Sis Stars and Studs Olive Green Jacket M. Rena Diana Cami in Black Flying Monkey Julie Jeans Soda Sam Boot MMS Thunder and Roses Stud Clutch    


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