December 26, 2012

Spring Fashion Week: Jenny Packham

If you didn't already see Jenny Packham's Spring 2013 collection at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this year, it was gorgeous.  Here are a few of our favorite pieces. Here, the ever fashionable preplum style makes its appearance on the runway. These classic patterns are used in new ways making each piece unique. One thing I love about this entire collection is the high necklines throughout. The silhouettes conveyed by these dresses are also fabulous. Together, the two factors gives a clean classy look. Jenny Packham uses different key pieces throughout the entire collection that makes it so impressive. In this collection are different uses of bold colors as well as pastels, metallics, and patterns. All these work well throughout the collection, each piece looking completely different from the next, yet still having a to have common flow of elegance. Its exciting to look at this collection as a whole because of all variety of looks we are able to see. The sheer high necklines on these two dresses are some of our favorites out of the whole collection. It turns what would have been an otherwise plain dress into something different. Notice the metallic detail on the sleeve of the dress above left. It is those simple touches that makes these dresses so beautiful. Pastels for spring? Maybe for some, but not Jenny Packham! Here, bright colors are worn by the models, with a touch of beading to add a pop. Lookout spring! Bright fashion is coming. Get ready to wear those bold colors you've been holding on to. Metallics were a big part of this collection, used as an accent piece of a dress, or as the main focus. This dress showcases the high neckline and metallics, giving a good overall impression of the entire collection. We hope to see more outfits inspired by these classy pieces around town! Photo Courtesy:


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