December 05, 2012

2012 VS Fashion Show

Its that time of year again! The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012 kicked off last night without a hitch and what a spectacular show! From the the longest glitter runway to the star studded performances, the Victoria's Secret Angels strutted their stuff down the runway in the newest from the Victoria's Secret lingerie and bra collection, but dawned these fantastic ensembles! Every year the show gets more and more theatrical with pieces that seam to scale in column in terms of haute couture and avant garde fashion! This year certainly did not disappoint! Welcome to the Circus The Angels kicked off the show with a Circus themed collection that had characters from the ring master, tight rope walker, and grand marque sign! The vintage circus themed collection was accompanied by real circus performers like contortionists, Arial flyers, and gymnasts. Well known  Angels like Alessandra Ambrosio, Erin Heatherton, Miranda Kerr, and Candice Swanepoel wore bras, panties and lingerie that can be found online and in stores but were accessorized with fabulous a props and wings! Dangerous Liaisons  If we were to hop into a story book, this Dangerous Liaisons collection would be the sexy version!  As Rihanna sang her new hit single "Diamonds," the models glided down the pixie dust runway in designs that can be described as 18th Century with an edge! A whimsical mix of modern lingerie that had a vintage Victorian influence that was remarkably fresh! Calendar Girls During a fun and exciting performance by Bruno Mars singing his newest single "Locked Out of Heaven," the Calendar Girl Collection came down the sparkling runway. The inspiration behind this collection was from a 1960s pinup calendar where the designers created avant garde pieces representing every month of the year. Each with its own set of wings, each look had a little something special like July with its fireworks and March with its shamrock wings. Truly a fantasy! PINK Ball Victoria's Secret is also well know for its younger lounge line PINK and had to have a collection devoted to it! This year the PINK Ball was the theme and the runway was set up to look like a giant pin ball machine where the models who were dressed as different toys walked to the newest Justin Bieber single "Beauty and a Beat." A playful and colorful collection, the PINK Ball spoke to the younger generation and was surprisingly sweet! Silver Screen The Silver Screen Secret Studios Collection embodied the old Hollywood genre of 1920s film, glamor of the red carpet, and romantic classic boudoir lingerie. With a color palette of silver, white, black and diamonds, the angels glided to the smooth voice of Bruno Mars as he sang "Young Wild Girls." This collection also had the classic angel wings that were so couture and very large pieces of art. Very reminiscent of some of the first Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows and the first wings the angels ever wore. So romantic and what a tribute to past shows. Angels in Bloom The final collection of the night was a true garden fantasy! Angels in Bloom showed off one of traditions of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: the diamond "Fantasy Bra" worth $2.5 million! Modeled by Alessandra Ambrosio, her "wings, were giant lavender and white orchids that complimented the taupe bra that was encrusted with green, yellow, and pink diamonds. The rest of the collection was influence by nature and flowers such as lily pads, poppies, and many different types of flower you would find in the garden. Rihanna was also able to work the runway during this collection while she sang from her new album, "Fresh Off the Runway." What a performance of a runway show from Victoria's Secret! Talk about making bras and panties more of an art then ever before! Hats off to the producers of such an amazing Victoria's Secret Runway Show! Can't wait to see what is in store for next year!
Adriana Lopez
Adriana Lopez


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