November 14, 2012

Brand of the Week: Lani

Fierce prints and tropical designs are the epitome of this week's Brand of the Week: Lani! We are gushing over the relaxed super comfortable maxi dresses that come in a range of different  tribal prints like the Lani Tribal Sketch Maxi Dress that invoke feelings of a tropical beach, under a palm tree, with the salty sea breezy flowing through your hair! On the other had Lani also has great animal print items like the Lani Feelin' Frisky Tunic that has a fiery brown and taupe leopard print that has hints of navy and coral. So indulge in the waters of cool prints or get out on the prowl with one of our favorite brands Lani! Keep checking back on our website to see more new arrivals from Lani!
Amber Kierig
Amber Kierig


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