November 02, 2012

Sugar Skull Art Inspirations

Take part in one of the most interesting Mexican Catholic traditions: Dia de Los Muertos or The Day of the Dead! Every year in Mexican traditions, families will gather on this day to remember their loved ones who have passed.Over the years, the iconic sugar skull has become a symbol of this day of remembrance and an inspiration for artists all over the country. Ranging from the very traditional, to the intricately detailed, to colorful modern designs, the sugar skull has been a symbol that has crossed over into the states and now featured with many clothing companies, shoe brands, tattoo artists and various jewelry designers. The image of the skull keep along with the Day of the Dead synopsis to laugh at death and realize it is a natural part of life that is not to be feared. Check out some of the cool sugar skull art below! Be inspired to create and remember your loved ones on this day! Happy Dia De Los Muertos!  


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