October 25, 2012

Ideas to Decorate Your Halloween Pumpkin

Every year I so look forward to carving pumpkins in preparation for Halloween but every year I find myself racking my brain for new ideas. To inspire not only myself but also you, I found some super easy and fun fashionable ways to decorate your pumpkin for this truly spooky holiday! Bling-ed Out What girl doesn't love to sparkle? I seriously fell in love when I cam across this perfectly glittery patch of pumpkins! Its super easy to do as well! All you need is some rhinestone in all different shapes and sized (preferably ones used for scarp booking) and some super glue! Make sure you wash your pumpkin before apply any jewels, add some glue to the back of the gems and start sticking! Chevron it to Me! One of my favorite prints from this season has got to be the chevron print so I though, "Why not put that on a pumpkin!" (Light-bulb!) All you need is some painting tape and your favorite color paint! just tape off the pumpkin in a chevron print and paint over the exposed areas. Let sit to dry and peel off the tape! Voulah! A fashionable chic chevron printed pumpkin! All Wrapped Up! If you want to go for a more whimsical dark and ominous feeling on your front porch, just wrap your pumpkins in black tulle and secure with some fun colored ribbon! Its super cheap, easy, and will add a level of sophistication and magic to your festive fall setting!        


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