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Prepare for Take-Off: Meet Our Models

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So you love our lookbooks, why not get to know our lovely models who work so hard at For Elyse! Name: Paige Robinson Profession: full time student at Chico State University, employee at In-N-Out Burger, and model for For Elyse How long have you been modeling: For Elyse is my first actual modeling job, although I've modeled for my friends photography portfolios since my freshman year in college. What do you love most about modeling: I have so much fun being in front of the camera. Also, being able to get dressed up in extremely cute clothes is a major plus! Dream shoot: My dream shoot would be somewhere in Europe. Europe is such a beautiful place and I love seeing the photos that are captured there and would love to be a part of that. Fun fact: I lived in Madrid, Spain for half a year and loved it!! Name: Macy Allread Profession: Model & clothing Expert at For Elyse smile Time Modeling: My whole life i have loved to be in front of a camera but it really started when i was 16 helping my sister out for her photography class. Love Most: I really love everything about modeling but I love most how a photographer can capture an expression or an amazing look that only happens for a split second. Modeling expresses so much for so many different people it really is an art. One picture express the point of view of a store or can tell a million words. I love that! smile Dream Shoot: A dream shoot... that's a hard one. It would have to be making it to the top.. well known photographers, makeup artists, full stylist, the whole sha-bang and being put into a well known magazine or website. It would be a whole lot of hard work being payed off. That would be my dream shoot. Fun Fact: Would be in one weekend i got second in a taco eating competition and then won a bikini contest. Name: Sutter Stemple Losey Profession: Student at Chico High and model at For Elyse Time Modeling: I used to model for Cats Meow and did fashion shows when I was younger, and my mom is a professional photographer so I've always been pretty photogenic! smile What I love most about modeling: I love doing my make up before photo shoots! Whether I do it myself or have it done, I think its pretty cool to see what make up is capable of! smile Dream shoot: I would love to go to another country! Somewhere tropical... Fun Fact: Once I graduate from high school in January, I am planning on going to college in Hawaii at the University of Maui! Name: Emilee Rose Bickert Profession: Massage Therapist, Sales Associate and Model at For Elyse How long have you been modeling: I have been modeling for For Elyse for about a year and have also posed for a few local photographers to build my portfolio What do you love most about modeling: I love photography and love that I am an aspect in the creative process. I just really love the photography side of it and how a photographer and a model together can create a picture that speaks so loudly. Dream Shoot: I would love to do an underwater shoot. I would just love to do a crazy underwater shoot right out of America's Next Top Model! How fun would that be? A Blast! Fun Fact: I am pretty good at impersonations an accents!Its impossible for me to just talk in one voice all day!    


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