September 14, 2012

People We're Down With: Lana Del Rey

If you were to find yourself in an underground jazz bar with a foggy disposition and dimly lit with red vintage lanterns scattered amongst round tables for a body or two, your night would be complete while listening to the sultry sounds of Lana Del Rey. Known as an eclectic mix of Nancy Sinatra with 60s Americana, Lana Del Rey is one of the rising Indie recoding artists who does not fear pushing the limits in her lyrics and her appearance. A true artist at heart, Del Rey draws on her influences from her childhood in New York along with her battle with alcohol dependence, past lovers, and inspirations from the Latin community. Not only have her jazzy unique sounding voice captured our eyes and ears, but also her unique fashion sense that seems to reflect a soft and hard motif along with 70s inspirations as seen in magazines like UK Vogue. Her album covers are true works of art, such as "Serial Killer," and "Unreleased" which are less then conventional but somewhat refreshing as they are daring. Del Rey's biggest hits "Born to Die," and "Video Games" helped put her on the map of recording artists and her popularity continues to grow with her unique look and sound! We certainly cannot get enough of Lana Del Rey and if you give her a listen, you will soon find yourself catapulted to a world where only jazz creates movement with every note. One of her songs we can't stop listening to is "Serial Killer," because of its haunting lyrics and 70s indie feel! Take a listen!


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