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Friday Favoite: What a Stud!

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What is that studly object on her sleeve... and her shoes... and her nails?!  How could anyone miss the Stud trend that has been taking over every fashion item in America! Studs have become the new fashion crazy and you can literally put them anywhere such as a jacket, bra, shorts, and even your nails! Studs have become so popular and make it very easy to turn your trendy wardrobe into a rockers dream!   One of my favorite studded pieces has been a strapless bra, but they are so hard to find studded and when you do its kind of expensive! Well I have the solution for you:a DIY Studded Bra Tutorial!This Bra looks great paired with a high waist-ed high low skirt or maxi skirt. You can even do this with a bustier that adds more coverage or even a tube top that has a built in bra. Here is what you will need:
  • An Old Strapless Bra (tube top, bustier, etc)
  • A dozen or so Studs
  • A pair of pliers
  • A knife
Step One: Take the knife and make a small slit where you want to stud to be. Step Two: Add the stud and bend down the tines in the back Repeat step one and two to created a studded pattern that is flattering to your shape! That's it! A fab studded bra super fast and for about half the price of a pre-made one! Then you will have the satisfaction to say when you receive compliments, "I made it myself!'     Source:


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