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Olympic Pride: Trends from the 2012 London Summer Olympics

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If you have been on the edge of your seat watching some of the most memorable moments in the 2012 London Olympics Games unfold, you have to have noticed all of the fashion trends that are spreading like wildfire from athlete to athlete! One of my favorites that has been very popular amongst the women competing in Swimming has been patriotic nails! Athletes like Gold medalist Miss Franklin of the USA, Emily Seebohm of Australia, and many other women swimmers have dawned their nails with a manicure that represents their flag. Swimmers like Ruta Meilutyte from Lithuania and Rebecca Adlington of Great Britain painted the colors of the home country flags as well. The patriotic trend has spread into Track and Field stars and many other Olympic hopefuls going for the gold! Beach Volleyball is always a favorite sport of mine to watch and this year the two American teams have had similar tastes in hairstyles. Both Misty May and Kerry Walsh along with rival US team Jennifer Kessy and April Ross are big fans of the high ponytail braid! All four Olympic players are all about keeping their hair out of their face in order to focus on the game. May and Walsh both pull their hair into high ponytails and braid to keep it secured. While Ross prefers this hairstyle as well, her partner Kessy prefers a low ponytail with colorful hair-ties sectioning off the ponytail. Both teams are focused with their eyes on gold and rest assured their hair will not interfere with their focus! Makeup is not usually worn at the Olympics unless it is subtle, natural, or a touch more in the gymnastics and synchronized swimming events. But Bazillion gymnast Daniele Hypolito along with her teammates sported the colors of their home fag as eye makeup. The bright colors drew attention to their eyes and were a fun way to show your pride for your country in a creative way. Watch more of the Olympics and see what's trending amongst your favorite athletes! Photos Courtesy of

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  • Isabella Eclaires: May 19, 2015

    This is so inspiring, you really know what you’re doing :)


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