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Totes and more! Back to School Supplies

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Ring! Oh no s that the alarm! Sad but true, summer is coming to a close and its back to school time! Luck for you, our featured sale this week is 15% Off All Purses, Totes, and Clutches just in time for you to start buying all of your books. I'm sure you have your own tote/backpack/purse style but here are a couple of great bags that are perfect for carrying everything you need to class! If you are more of a tote girl, you will love the Sky Tote in Light Blue which has a deep shape to fit all of your books and an adorable white bird print throughout. If you prefer to carry your stuff in an over-the-shoulder bag you will love the Love Not War Bag in Tan which has a longer strap that can be worn over one shoulder and a "Make love, not war," graphic print on the front flap. Great for making a statement for the first day of class. If you like more of a purse as a book-bag, the Emperia Mandy Purse in Black and Blue is the perfect bag for you! This bag is very spacious with several different compartments and a faux leather finish so it won't look like a typical school bag. If a purse is your style for school, try the Barrymore Purse in Taupe or the Urban Expressions Purse in Black which will both give you plenty of room for your school supplies but can also be used as a purse for any occasion. After this sale you will definitely be able to check "New School Bag" off your list! Now don't be late to class!


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