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DIY Braided Top Knot

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Are you looking for a hair-do that's top knot-ch? The up-do that has been seen on so many celebrities from Vanessa Hudgens to January Jones is the braided top knot!  Whether you are attending a formal occasion or just lunch with some friend, the braided top knot is your go to hair do that is so easy to do on clean or dirty hair! It may look intimidating but is actually very simple. Super easy for when you are in a rush and need to look good fast! So here is what you will need: A hair tie A brush that you can rat your hair with A bunch of bobby pins Step 1: Put all of your hair into a pony tail on top of your head Step 2: Take your brush and gently tease the hair that is in the ponytail. This will give the bun more volume and will be easier to work with Step 3: Wrap your hair into the shape of a bun and secure with the bobby pins. Save a piece from being pinned because that is the piece you are going to braid Step 4: Once your bun is pinned into place. Braid the extra piece that you left out and secure with bobby pins around your bun Done! A very simple and easy braided bun in only a few short steps! You can add more to your bun with a flower, ribbon, or any other accessories you choose! If you want to see a great step-by-step tutorial, watch this video from The Shine Project Blog! Have some fun with your hair today with a boho braided top knot and trust me the compliments will come rolling in!    


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