June 28, 2012

Stars and Stripes: DIY Flag Shorts

Ready to show your patriotic colors this 4th of July? Well it just so happens that starts and stripes are one of the biggest fashion trends right now! Everywhere I turn I'm seeing some variation, print, or pattern of the colors of the American flag! My favorite so far has got to be flag shorts because they are just s darn cute! I thought I probably can't find these anywhere, well for at least a suitable price, but then my mood changed when I found this easy instructions for DIY Flag Shorts! If you love being creative and getting artsy-craftsy then you will love these shorts because you will get so many compliments on the fourth! So here is what you need: On old pair of shorts Fabric spray paint: red and blue Stencils of stars and strips Paper to cover other side First, you want to tape put the star stencils where you want them on one side. Tape off the other side and spray the blue paint. Let dry. Next tape off the other side of the shorts with the strips to resemble the stripes on a flag. Spray the red paint over the stencils and let dry. There you have it! Flag shorts for half the price! Show your pride to be an American on the fourth with these adorable shorts and who knows, it will might catch someone's eye! ~ <3


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