June 27, 2012

Street Chic: Farmer's Market Fashions: White Jeggings

The Thursday Night Market in Chico, CA is in full swing and so is our Street Chic Blog: Farmer's Market Fashions! While I was walking with my veggies under one arm, I spotted this girl standing i line for food and I loved her white Jeans! once I started talking to her, I found out that her name was Sarah and she was a student who was a frequent shopper at For Elyse! Once we talked more a she revealed that her cute white jeans that had caught my eye were actually from For Elyse and were the  Flying Monkey Jegging in White! Sarah looked great in the jeans that she had paired with a tan blouse, black tank, and white sandals!Her mix of neutrals really stood out to me along with her bright pink nail polish and she looked fabulous! If you love white jeans and are dying to find a pair, try the Flying Monkey Jegging in White with its super stretchy fit that will last all day and fit your cures perfectly! You will feel like you aren't even wearing jeans because you will be so comfortable, which bodes confidence! You can never go wrong with that! ~ <3


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