June 03, 2016

HOW TO: Cute Summer Braids! | ForElyse.com

The difference between a messy bun and a messy braid is.. well, everything. Even if a braid is falling out it looks cute! These three hair styles are perfect for the summer. They're easy to accomplish and super adorable. 

We even have a video showing you how our amazing and talented friend, Trinity, created these awesome looks! This is Trinity: 
Isn't she just beautiful? Well she creates magic too! Are you ready to change your hair styles to spice up your lives?! Keep reading!

1. The Big Fishtail Braid!

I call this the big fishtail braid just because our gorgeous model, Stephanie, has an amazing full head of hair! It looks so cute, and if you like the messy effortless look, this is definitely the hair style for you! As you see in the video, all you do is take two strands of hair from each side of your head, tie them together with a clear elastic and then tuck it backwards to create that fish tail affect! (It's easier to see in the video!!)


2. The Short Hair Fish Tail!

This style is SUPER Lauren Conrad huh? A cute fish tail, or even a simple dutch braid on both sides of your head will make any bad hair day seem like a really good one! Especially if you add a cute sparkly headband. So, to achieve this look, put the head band behind your bangs, then take a big chunk of hair in front on both sides, and start braiding! The key here is, to make sure you hide the bobby pins underneath al of your hair. This can be tricky with shorter hair, but it's still adorable either way! Again, referring to the video is so much easier ;).

3. The Crown Braid!

This is our Coachella girls' fave go to hair style! Its boho, and super easy to accomplish! And look at our cute Aviators with this hair do.. Can't get better than that!! To achieve this look, part your hair into two sections. On one side, start braiding from the bottom up. Tie it with a clear band. Next, start from the top on the other side and make your way down. Once you reach that point, wrap the two braids around your head similar to a crown, bobby pin that baby in place, and VOILA! You're a princess :-).

So this summer, your only homework from me is to: change up your hair every day! Whether it is a messy bun with a cute fish tail in the front holding your bangs back, or this gorgeous Crown Braid! The challenge is on ladies. Post your creations on your social media Hashtagging #FEbraids and you might be featured in one of our social media posts!

Keep your eyes out!

Until next time,

XO Delphine

Delphine Winter
Delphine Winter


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