May 27, 2016

How To: Style Jean Skirts! |

Let's take it back to the 90's, when every time you stepped around the corner, you saw at least 10 people wearing the same denim skirt that you were wearing! Can you believe that this trend is back in action? We can, and we are obsessed!

What is it about jean skirts that are so cute? I believe it's the flirtatious, cute, innocent vibe they give off! Also, pairing a tank top and throwing on a skirt has never been more adorable AND quick! 

Alright, let's get into THREE different ways to style your denim skirt!

1. Cut off skirt with sneakers!

The great thing about this skirt, is that you can pair it with a crop top, or even a body suit! Super convenient for the summer time, especially if you're too sweaty or lazy... to put another outfit together! This definitely brings me back to my Avril Lavigne years, and i'm digging it! Have a photo of you in your own cut off jean skirt? Hashtag #FEjeanskirt on your social media!

2. The classy, "business casual" jean skirt.

Don't be afraid to go a bit longer in denim skirts! It's classy, and even considered "business casual." (Make sure you talk to your boss about what his/her definition of business casual is though...) Denim is denim, so it can be considered "too casual" sometimes! We paired our adorable "manhattan sandals" with this gorgeous bag to bring it all together! What do you think?

3. Cute and fun! 

This style is definitely more low key, but still shows off your beautiful legs! It's long enough in length to feel comfortable, and cute enough to keep feeling confident throughout the day! I feel like this style is appropriate for any age group, and will add a bit of "spice" to your wardrobe!

Yes my friends, the jean skirt is REVAMPED! Are you ready to rock it?

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Delphine Winter
Delphine Winter


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