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Memorial Day & What to Wear!

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Memorial day weekend is approaching rapidly, so it means it's time for your personal stylist to come out and show you some of her favorite picks for the week! Summer time is definitely my favorite season for a couple of reasons:

One, being that we have a day to celebrate those who have served for our country, and those who have lost their lives serving. On a lighter note, my birthday is in July, and summer fashion is my favorite!!

Memorial day is a day to hang out with family, and to remember those who passed away fighting for our freedom right? Then what better way to celebrate then to get dressed up! In my eyes, dressing up shows a lot of respect and it's a fun way to spice up any party you go to.

Here are a few of my favorite picks of the week!

1. White White White!

I believe white shows respect, and it looks good on EVERYONE! No matter what your body shape is, or if your tall, or short, white will look amazing on you! Our "You're so vain-illa" dress is the perfect celebration dress. In the 100 degree heat, you'll thank me for picking up this number! 

2. Patterns!

Patterns are fun, and they scream "Let's celebrate!!" Our "Take a dip" dress is light weight, and makes a great conversation piece. If you're headed to a family reunion, pick this beauty up! Trust me, clothing can create some fun and interesting conversations at awkward events... ;-).

3. Tanks & colorful pants!

You can't go wrong with a fun, light weight tank top! It will keep you cool, and will also give you a more conservative look, if that is what you're looking for! Pairing our "life goes on" tank and our "Color Splash Peach Skinny" jeans, together is pretty magical isn't it? Don't be afraid to change up the color of your pants this summer! It's trendy :)

Fashion is more than just clothing, it makes a statement! If you are seeing family you haven't seen in a while, it's a step in the right direction to show that you care by putting some effort into what you're wearing!

We salute our veterans, to those families that have lost a family member who has served, and to those who are currently serving. We appreciate how brave, and how strong you all are to help us keep our freedom! THANK YOU!

As always, we appreciate YOU who read our posts as well, and hope that you all try some of these styles this memorial day!

Until next time,

For Elyse


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