May 19, 2016

DIY Flower Tattoos |

I don't know about you ladies, but I'm not one to get a tattoo just because of how permanent they are! I change my mind a lot, so I decided to try something new and different. FLOWER tattoos! 

I'm not talking about the tattoos that you put water on and peel off... I'm talking about REAL beautiful flowers from your backyard! Here's how you do it:

1. Grab the necessities! 

You will need: Vaseline (or eye lash glue), dried flowers from your backyard, and a couple of paint brushes! 

2. Decide on what design you want!

Even though this isn't permanent, you still want it to look good! So make sure you outline where you want your design by placing the flowers exactly where you want them. If you want it on your back, or a place where you can't reach, have a friend do it for you!

3. Get to pasting!


This is the fun part! Like I mentioned before, you can also use eye lash adhesive to make the flower tattoos last longer, but we used vaseline since we had more photos to shoot ;). All you do is take a paint brush, put a bit of either glue or vaseline on the spot where you want the flower, place it on there, then cover the entire flower with more of the glue/vaseline! Then VOILA! A beautiful, temporary, natural, DIY tattoo that is SO unique!

4. Show it off!

Work it girl! Show off your creation to the world, and rock your DIY tattoo! Unique, easy, and ADORABLE! What more can you ask for?

As always, we appreciate you stopping by to check out today's blog post! Definitely let us know what other DIY projects you'd like to see, and we can make it happen! Make sure to check out this adorable romper too!




Delphine Winter
Delphine Winter


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