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Friday Faves! | For Elyse

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Happy Friday everyone! Friday is definitely my favorite day of the week! So, because it is my favorite day, I am here to share my FAVES with you! A little secret about me is... I am obsessed with clothes, accessories, and well, shoes, too.. Here are some of my favorites that have finally come available on our website, plus some of my favorite beauty items too. Let's just call this.... Everything Delphine loves day!

1. Halter tops!

This halter top is to DIE for. It not only keeps you cool in this sweltering heat, but it also looks super adorable with a pair of shorts or a cute skirt! If you're brave in the heat, try out a pair of high waisted jeans with this gorgeous cropped halter. It screams SUMMER doesn't it?

2. Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation.

Alright ladies. If you have oily/combo skin... You might just have to give me a huge hug for sharing this amazing product with you! This my friends is the Amazonian Clay foundation by Tarte.This is paraben free, and cruelty free, AND I kid you not, it lasts all day long! Its mattifying, but doesn't dry out your skin. Perfect for a hot summer pool day too, because it has SPF 15! You're welcome :-).

3. Take Me To Paris!

I think the name of this dress is pretty self explanatory as to why it's so amazing.. because who doesn't LOVE Paris?! I think I love this dress so much, because it has a dainty feel to it. It looks innocent, yet sophisticated! To add to the innocent vibe, it's also SO comfortable, that you'll feel like you're in your pajamas, (which is always nice when doing your daily errands).

4. Wedges & Sandals!

Now this is what I call a SUMMER shoe! Easy to walk in, cute, and breathable. That sounds like the perfect shoe to me! Not into the whole heel thing? Check out these cute sandals! Again, super comfortable, and the color is so neutral that it will go with anything! Pairing both of these shoes with some high waisted shorts, or light weight capris, will make you look fashionable, and make you feel comfortable! 


Thank you so much for checking out my Friday Faves! We'd love to know what your favorites of the week are, so be sure to tag us in anything fun you've done in any cute outfits you rocked, or what you're planning on wearing this weekend! 

Until next time,

XO For Elyse


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