May 10, 2016

Personal Stylist | Maxi Dresses // For Elyse

Maxi dresses can either be a do or a don't... In most people's eyes! On today's blog post, we're going to get you to buy your first maxi, or if you're a lover a maxi dresses, we are going to get to you say HALLELUJAH out loud! 

Here are a few steps on how to find the perfect maxi!

Step 1:

Be open to change! As a previous stylist, I know people are skeptical about going out of their comfort zones, even if maxi dresses do cover a lot of areas that many are uncomfortable showing! I believe it is because sometimes maxi dresses can accentuate women's "problem areas." Now, I put this word in parenthesis because as women, we need to embrace our bodies! 

Step 2:

Know that if you're tall, you need to find a longer maxi. If you're shorter, stick to the regular maxi! Being a girl who is 5'10, it has been quite the mission to find a long enough maxi to look cute and flowy. Pictured above, is one of my favorite maxi dresses that we have on the site! The model in the photo is about 5'8 and it fits perfectly. Go off of your height, and don't be afraid to try them on in store! 

Step 3:

Find the perfect fit. By this I mean, if you are curvy in all of the right places, make sure to find a flowy maxi to feel more comfortable! If you're like "I love my body and I will show my curves" then by all means, get it girl! But for those of you more conscious about these areas, check out our Fresh and Free Maxi! This is the perfect dress for any body type! It is loose in all of the right places, and tight in all of the right places ladies! 

I hope these tips help you find the best maxi dress! Summer is right around the corner, so what a better way to say hello to this beautiful weather with a beautiful, comfortable and effortless style! Maxis will always be a trend, so take advantage of this weather and stay cool! 

Until next time,

For Elyse

Delphine Winter
Delphine Winter


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