May 09, 2016

Summer Daze | Trends Of 2016

Around the world, people are getting prepared for different weather. Here in Northern California it is getting HOT! Don't worry, if it is getting a bit too heated where you are, we have FOUR trendy styles that will keep you cool, while looking adorable! 

1. Rompers

Rompers are the perfect piece for your closet for those hot summer months for several reasons. One, being that you don't have to choose a shirt AND bottoms! What more could you ask for? It's two in one! Secondly, if you find the right one, it can look like a fun flowy dress, but in reality, if you did some type of cartwheel, you wouldn't be in the danger zone! Lastly, they are breathable, and appropriate for several different occasions! Pool parties, weddings, even for a bike ride through your local park! 

2. Crop Tops.

Crop tops can be tasteful!  For the summer, crop tops are the perfect cover up for a trip to the beach or pool, an awesome piece for layering, or cute with a pair of high waisted shorts/pants! I love this one specifically (shown above) for its delicate texture, and for the beautiful affect it has on the décolletage. Don't let society tell you what you can and cannot wear! Own your body, and be proud of showing a little bit of skin!

3. Dresses.
This is a given huh? Well I had to mention them simply because they are the perfect piece to any summer wardrobe. Why not try adding a statement summer dress, and a beautiful simple, one toned dress to have options! I love simple dresses like our Spring Date Dress because you can add statement jewelry, and even a cute jacket to go with it! If you want to spruce it up a bit, go for our Young Love dress pictured above for a more flirty vibe!

4. Shorts.

Shorts are always a must have for any wardrobe! Short shorts can definitely be on the edge of appropriate vs. inappropriate these days, but we have shorts that will work with any body type! From tight jean shorts to flowy casual shorts. It's definitely self explanatory as to why you need a pair for your summer wardrobe, but let me be the first one to tell you that I LIVE in my jean shorts during the hot sweaty months! They're breathable, and stylish. 


Summer is right around the corner! Basically, it's time to get prepared for the heat. Let us know what your favorite trend is, and if you have any summer plans!

Until next time,


Delphine Winter
Delphine Winter


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