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A Mother's Day Gift Guide! | Simple & Cute!

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At we take pride in having cute styles for daughters AND mothers! Since Mother's Day is right around the corner, here is a simple, yet darling gift guide, that will make any mother smile! 

1. Hats! 

Hats are a go to gift for any adventurous momma! Mother's Day is usually on a beautiful, sunny day, so gifting our garden party hat is the perfect way to push a Vitamin D party outside with mom! Activities outside can include; kayaking, a pool day, a trip to the nearest outdoor mall, maybe even a long hike! After the hike, head on over to your favorite outdoor restaurant and enjoy a fresh lemonade. My favorite part of Mother's Day is to indulge in what my mom loves to do, and to embrace her love with all of your might!

2. Watches!


Nothing is sweeter then reminding   your mom that time is ticking... so she     can spend more time with you of course!! In all seriousness, this beautiful, delicate Tick Of Time watch, is just what your momma's beautiful wrist needs! Very affordable, AND will match with anything she wears! Not to mention, that watches are totally the new trend these days, so she'll feel good about wearing it. Being that it is so small, she can do several activities in it. Running errands, cooking, cleaning, even fixing your dad's car! (Well it might get a little dirty..) My point is, is that this watch is so versatile, and can be worn during any activity. 


3. Jewelry!

Jewelry is a gift that even the most relaxed moms can appreciate! We have special bracelets with stones, or simple necklaces that will make any outfit more glamorous! Our jewelry ranges from glam to simple. We love to cater to the simplistic woman, who loves to sip on wine after a long day at work, and to those who love to get all dolled up on a Saturday night! We take pride in having all of the trendy pieces to make your mom's collection amazing!  Does she like a pop of color in her wardrobe? Check out our beautiful Peach Pleasure earrings for the perfect amount of POP! 



Alright daughters, sons, cousins, or whomever you are... we hope you enjoyed today's blog post on all of our top trending accessory pieces to gift to your moms, grandmas or aunts! Let us know if you gift your special mom any of these trendy accessories by hash tagging #FEmom on all of your social media platforms! 

Until next time,

XO ForElyse 


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