June 06, 2016

Let's Beat The Monday Blues! | ForElyse.com

Mondays Mondays Mondays.... What are we going to do with you? Other than the fact that many people hate Monday's just because the weekend was amazingly epic, and the last place most people want to be is back in their offices... Why are Mondays so awful? 

On today's post, it's not about fashion or beauty. It's about how to conquer the week, starting with beating the Monday blues!

1. Drink a cup (or two) of coffee!

If you're not a coffee drinker, try tea! One cup (or two) is actually healthy for you, as long as you're drinking a lot of water throughout the day. If you're really not a caffeine person, then try juicing or smoothies! The natural ingredients you add into your juice/smoothie is a natural energizer that will help you last longer throughout the day! Either way, coffee or not, try something different while eating breakfast! 

2. Exercise!

Exercising in the morning before a busy day will really enhance your perspective, and will help you stay positive throughout your day. I personally love yoga simply for the nice stretch it gives me, and for the energy that I feel flowing through my muscles. Running, or even lifting weights can get you ready for an awesome day ahead too!

3. Eat a big breakfast!

I know some people are skeptical about eating too much... But did you know that this actually helps you lose weight throughout the day? It helps you burn extra calories while just walking, or standing throughout the day, AND it gives you energy to accomplish any task at hand! I love oatmeal with bananas, or even eggs and avocado! YUM!

4. Listen to your favorite song!

Whether you're on your two hour commute, or walking to class, listening to your favorite song is something that I personally need to do to get pumped up for the work day! Why not play a relaxing playlist to get yourself in the right mind set? Trust me you won't regret it!

5. Give a hug to your co-workers/friends!

I've always been a huge hugger, so if this isn't something you're comfortable with, don't stress over it! But I find that if i give a really warm greeting to my co-workers, that the environment is much more pleasant to be in. It not only makes everyone around you happy, but it also shows that you are approachable and willing to work with anyone!

Mondays can finally be conquered with these 5 tips I have for you! I'd love to know if any of you try these awesome tips. If you do, make sure to let us know on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or even on this blog post! We love to help you out throughout the week :-).

Have a wonderful MONDAY!

Until next time,
XO Delphine

June 03, 2016

HOW TO: Cute Summer Braids! | ForElyse.com

The difference between a messy bun and a messy braid is.. well, everything. Even if a braid is falling out it looks cute! These three hair styles are perfect for the summer. They're easy to accomplish and super adorable. 

We even have a video showing you how our amazing and talented friend, Trinity, created these awesome looks! This is Trinity: 
Isn't she just beautiful? Well she creates magic too! Are you ready to change your hair styles to spice up your lives?! Keep reading!

1. The Big Fishtail Braid!

I call this the big fishtail braid just because our gorgeous model, Stephanie, has an amazing full head of hair! It looks so cute, and if you like the messy effortless look, this is definitely the hair style for you! As you see in the video, all you do is take two strands of hair from each side of your head, tie them together with a clear elastic and then tuck it backwards to create that fish tail affect! (It's easier to see in the video!!)


2. The Short Hair Fish Tail!

This style is SUPER Lauren Conrad huh? A cute fish tail, or even a simple dutch braid on both sides of your head will make any bad hair day seem like a really good one! Especially if you add a cute sparkly headband. So, to achieve this look, put the head band behind your bangs, then take a big chunk of hair in front on both sides, and start braiding! The key here is, to make sure you hide the bobby pins underneath al of your hair. This can be tricky with shorter hair, but it's still adorable either way! Again, referring to the video is so much easier ;).

3. The Crown Braid!

This is our Coachella girls' fave go to hair style! Its boho, and super easy to accomplish! And look at our cute Aviators with this hair do.. Can't get better than that!! To achieve this look, part your hair into two sections. On one side, start braiding from the bottom up. Tie it with a clear band. Next, start from the top on the other side and make your way down. Once you reach that point, wrap the two braids around your head similar to a crown, bobby pin that baby in place, and VOILA! You're a princess :-).

So this summer, your only homework from me is to: change up your hair every day! Whether it is a messy bun with a cute fish tail in the front holding your bangs back, or this gorgeous Crown Braid! The challenge is on ladies. Post your creations on your social media Hashtagging #FEbraids and you might be featured in one of our social media posts!

Keep your eyes out!

Until next time,

XO Delphine

May 27, 2016

How To: Style Jean Skirts! | ForElyse.com

Let's take it back to the 90's, when every time you stepped around the corner, you saw at least 10 people wearing the same denim skirt that you were wearing! Can you believe that this trend is back in action? We can, and we are obsessed!

What is it about jean skirts that are so cute? I believe it's the flirtatious, cute, innocent vibe they give off! Also, pairing a tank top and throwing on a skirt has never been more adorable AND quick! 

Alright, let's get into THREE different ways to style your denim skirt!

1. Cut off skirt with sneakers!

The great thing about this skirt, is that you can pair it with a crop top, or even a body suit! Super convenient for the summer time, especially if you're too sweaty or lazy... to put another outfit together! This definitely brings me back to my Avril Lavigne years, and i'm digging it! Have a photo of you in your own cut off jean skirt? Hashtag #FEjeanskirt on your social media!

2. The classy, "business casual" jean skirt.

Don't be afraid to go a bit longer in denim skirts! It's classy, and even considered "business casual." (Make sure you talk to your boss about what his/her definition of business casual is though...) Denim is denim, so it can be considered "too casual" sometimes! We paired our adorable "manhattan sandals" with this gorgeous bag to bring it all together! What do you think?

3. Cute and fun! 

This style is definitely more low key, but still shows off your beautiful legs! It's long enough in length to feel comfortable, and cute enough to keep feeling confident throughout the day! I feel like this style is appropriate for any age group, and will add a bit of "spice" to your wardrobe!

Yes my friends, the jean skirt is REVAMPED! Are you ready to rock it?

Until next time,

For Elyse 


May 25, 2016

Memorial Day & What to Wear!

Memorial day weekend is approaching rapidly, so it means it's time for your personal stylist to come out and show you some of her favorite picks for the week! Summer time is definitely my favorite season for a couple of reasons:

One, being that we have a day to celebrate those who have served for our country, and those who have lost their lives serving. On a lighter note, my birthday is in July, and summer fashion is my favorite!!

Memorial day is a day to hang out with family, and to remember those who passed away fighting for our freedom right? Then what better way to celebrate then to get dressed up! In my eyes, dressing up shows a lot of respect and it's a fun way to spice up any party you go to.

Here are a few of my favorite picks of the week!

1. White White White!

I believe white shows respect, and it looks good on EVERYONE! No matter what your body shape is, or if your tall, or short, white will look amazing on you! Our "You're so vain-illa" dress is the perfect celebration dress. In the 100 degree heat, you'll thank me for picking up this number! 

2. Patterns!

Patterns are fun, and they scream "Let's celebrate!!" Our "Take a dip" dress is light weight, and makes a great conversation piece. If you're headed to a family reunion, pick this beauty up! Trust me, clothing can create some fun and interesting conversations at awkward events... ;-).

3. Tanks & colorful pants!

You can't go wrong with a fun, light weight tank top! It will keep you cool, and will also give you a more conservative look, if that is what you're looking for! Pairing our "life goes on" tank and our "Color Splash Peach Skinny" jeans, together is pretty magical isn't it? Don't be afraid to change up the color of your pants this summer! It's trendy :)

Fashion is more than just clothing, it makes a statement! If you are seeing family you haven't seen in a while, it's a step in the right direction to show that you care by putting some effort into what you're wearing!

We salute our veterans, to those families that have lost a family member who has served, and to those who are currently serving. We appreciate how brave, and how strong you all are to help us keep our freedom! THANK YOU!

As always, we appreciate YOU who read our posts as well, and hope that you all try some of these styles this memorial day!

Until next time,

For Elyse

May 19, 2016

DIY Flower Tattoos | ForElyse.com

I don't know about you ladies, but I'm not one to get a tattoo just because of how permanent they are! I change my mind a lot, so I decided to try something new and different. FLOWER tattoos! 

I'm not talking about the tattoos that you put water on and peel off... I'm talking about REAL beautiful flowers from your backyard! Here's how you do it:

1. Grab the necessities! 

You will need: Vaseline (or eye lash glue), dried flowers from your backyard, and a couple of paint brushes! 

2. Decide on what design you want!

Even though this isn't permanent, you still want it to look good! So make sure you outline where you want your design by placing the flowers exactly where you want them. If you want it on your back, or a place where you can't reach, have a friend do it for you!

3. Get to pasting!


This is the fun part! Like I mentioned before, you can also use eye lash adhesive to make the flower tattoos last longer, but we used vaseline since we had more photos to shoot ;). All you do is take a paint brush, put a bit of either glue or vaseline on the spot where you want the flower, place it on there, then cover the entire flower with more of the glue/vaseline! Then VOILA! A beautiful, temporary, natural, DIY tattoo that is SO unique!

4. Show it off!

Work it girl! Show off your creation to the world, and rock your DIY tattoo! Unique, easy, and ADORABLE! What more can you ask for?

As always, we appreciate you stopping by to check out today's blog post! Definitely let us know what other DIY projects you'd like to see, and we can make it happen! Make sure to check out this adorable romper too!




May 13, 2016

Friday Faves! | For Elyse

Happy Friday everyone! Friday is definitely my favorite day of the week! So, because it is my favorite day, I am here to share my FAVES with you! A little secret about me is... I am obsessed with clothes, accessories, and well, shoes, too.. Here are some of my favorites that have finally come available on our website, plus some of my favorite beauty items too. Let's just call this.... Everything Delphine loves day!

1. Halter tops!

This halter top is to DIE for. It not only keeps you cool in this sweltering heat, but it also looks super adorable with a pair of shorts or a cute skirt! If you're brave in the heat, try out a pair of high waisted jeans with this gorgeous cropped halter. It screams SUMMER doesn't it?

2. Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation.

Alright ladies. If you have oily/combo skin... You might just have to give me a huge hug for sharing this amazing product with you! This my friends is the Amazonian Clay foundation by Tarte.This is paraben free, and cruelty free, AND I kid you not, it lasts all day long! Its mattifying, but doesn't dry out your skin. Perfect for a hot summer pool day too, because it has SPF 15! You're welcome :-).

3. Take Me To Paris!

I think the name of this dress is pretty self explanatory as to why it's so amazing.. because who doesn't LOVE Paris?! I think I love this dress so much, because it has a dainty feel to it. It looks innocent, yet sophisticated! To add to the innocent vibe, it's also SO comfortable, that you'll feel like you're in your pajamas, (which is always nice when doing your daily errands).

4. Wedges & Sandals!

Now this is what I call a SUMMER shoe! Easy to walk in, cute, and breathable. That sounds like the perfect shoe to me! Not into the whole heel thing? Check out these cute sandals! Again, super comfortable, and the color is so neutral that it will go with anything! Pairing both of these shoes with some high waisted shorts, or light weight capris, will make you look fashionable, and make you feel comfortable! 


Thank you so much for checking out my Friday Faves! We'd love to know what your favorites of the week are, so be sure to tag us in anything fun you've done in any cute outfits you rocked, or what you're planning on wearing this weekend! 

Until next time,

XO For Elyse

May 10, 2016

Personal Stylist | Maxi Dresses // For Elyse

Maxi dresses can either be a do or a don't... In most people's eyes! On today's blog post, we're going to get you to buy your first maxi, or if you're a lover a maxi dresses, we are going to get to you say HALLELUJAH out loud! 

Here are a few steps on how to find the perfect maxi!

Step 1:

Be open to change! As a previous stylist, I know people are skeptical about going out of their comfort zones, even if maxi dresses do cover a lot of areas that many are uncomfortable showing! I believe it is because sometimes maxi dresses can accentuate women's "problem areas." Now, I put this word in parenthesis because as women, we need to embrace our bodies! 

Step 2:

Know that if you're tall, you need to find a longer maxi. If you're shorter, stick to the regular maxi! Being a girl who is 5'10, it has been quite the mission to find a long enough maxi to look cute and flowy. Pictured above, is one of my favorite maxi dresses that we have on the site! The model in the photo is about 5'8 and it fits perfectly. Go off of your height, and don't be afraid to try them on in store! 

Step 3:

Find the perfect fit. By this I mean, if you are curvy in all of the right places, make sure to find a flowy maxi to feel more comfortable! If you're like "I love my body and I will show my curves" then by all means, get it girl! But for those of you more conscious about these areas, check out our Fresh and Free Maxi! This is the perfect dress for any body type! It is loose in all of the right places, and tight in all of the right places ladies! 

I hope these tips help you find the best maxi dress! Summer is right around the corner, so what a better way to say hello to this beautiful weather with a beautiful, comfortable and effortless style! Maxis will always be a trend, so take advantage of this weather and stay cool! 

Until next time,

For Elyse

May 09, 2016

Summer Daze | Trends Of 2016

Around the world, people are getting prepared for different weather. Here in Northern California it is getting HOT! Don't worry, if it is getting a bit too heated where you are, we have FOUR trendy styles that will keep you cool, while looking adorable! 

1. Rompers

Rompers are the perfect piece for your closet for those hot summer months for several reasons. One, being that you don't have to choose a shirt AND bottoms! What more could you ask for? It's two in one! Secondly, if you find the right one, it can look like a fun flowy dress, but in reality, if you did some type of cartwheel, you wouldn't be in the danger zone! Lastly, they are breathable, and appropriate for several different occasions! Pool parties, weddings, even for a bike ride through your local park! 

2. Crop Tops.

Crop tops can be tasteful!  For the summer, crop tops are the perfect cover up for a trip to the beach or pool, an awesome piece for layering, or cute with a pair of high waisted shorts/pants! I love this one specifically (shown above) for its delicate texture, and for the beautiful affect it has on the décolletage. Don't let society tell you what you can and cannot wear! Own your body, and be proud of showing a little bit of skin!

3. Dresses.
This is a given huh? Well I had to mention them simply because they are the perfect piece to any summer wardrobe. Why not try adding a statement summer dress, and a beautiful simple, one toned dress to have options! I love simple dresses like our Spring Date Dress because you can add statement jewelry, and even a cute jacket to go with it! If you want to spruce it up a bit, go for our Young Love dress pictured above for a more flirty vibe!

4. Shorts.

Shorts are always a must have for any wardrobe! Short shorts can definitely be on the edge of appropriate vs. inappropriate these days, but we have shorts that will work with any body type! From tight jean shorts to flowy casual shorts. It's definitely self explanatory as to why you need a pair for your summer wardrobe, but let me be the first one to tell you that I LIVE in my jean shorts during the hot sweaty months! They're breathable, and stylish. 


Summer is right around the corner! Basically, it's time to get prepared for the heat. Let us know what your favorite trend is, and if you have any summer plans!

Until next time,

XO ForElyse.com 

May 05, 2016

A Mother's Day Gift Guide! | Simple & Cute!

At ForElyse.com we take pride in having cute styles for daughters AND mothers! Since Mother's Day is right around the corner, here is a simple, yet darling gift guide, that will make any mother smile! 

1. Hats! 

Hats are a go to gift for any adventurous momma! Mother's Day is usually on a beautiful, sunny day, so gifting our garden party hat is the perfect way to push a Vitamin D party outside with mom! Activities outside can include; kayaking, a pool day, a trip to the nearest outdoor mall, maybe even a long hike! After the hike, head on over to your favorite outdoor restaurant and enjoy a fresh lemonade. My favorite part of Mother's Day is to indulge in what my mom loves to do, and to embrace her love with all of your might!

2. Watches!


Nothing is sweeter then reminding   your mom that time is ticking... so she     can spend more time with you of course!! In all seriousness, this beautiful, delicate Tick Of Time watch, is just what your momma's beautiful wrist needs! Very affordable, AND will match with anything she wears! Not to mention, that watches are totally the new trend these days, so she'll feel good about wearing it. Being that it is so small, she can do several activities in it. Running errands, cooking, cleaning, even fixing your dad's car! (Well it might get a little dirty..) My point is, is that this watch is so versatile, and can be worn during any activity. 


3. Jewelry!

Jewelry is a gift that even the most relaxed moms can appreciate! We have special bracelets with stones, or simple necklaces that will make any outfit more glamorous! Our jewelry ranges from glam to simple. We love to cater to the simplistic woman, who loves to sip on wine after a long day at work, and to those who love to get all dolled up on a Saturday night! We take pride in having all of the trendy pieces to make your mom's collection amazing!  Does she like a pop of color in her wardrobe? Check out our beautiful Peach Pleasure earrings for the perfect amount of POP! 



Alright daughters, sons, cousins, or whomever you are... we hope you enjoyed today's blog post on all of our top trending accessory pieces to gift to your moms, grandmas or aunts! Let us know if you gift your special mom any of these trendy accessories by hash tagging #FEmom on all of your social media platforms! 

Until next time,

XO ForElyse 

February 15, 2016

Grammy's 2016: What to Expect!

The 2016 Grammy Awards are just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited to watch! With every great award show comes memorable moments and here's what we are mostly looking forward to seeing:

1. Taylor Swift Opening The Show

Taylor Swift Performing

Our ultimate crush is fresh off her 1989 Tour and the queen of pop is going to absolutely slay. We couldn't think of a better person to open this show! 

2. Lady Gaga Honoring David Bowie

Lady Gaga Grammys 2015

David Bowie's heartbreaking passing from cancer in late January will be honored by Lady Gaga during the Grammy's this year. She wowed everyone with her rendition of the National Anthem during Superbowl 50 and we know that this performance too will jerk some tears. 

3. Adele

Adele Performing

Since her album we can't get enough of her. We know that this performance will be absolutely breathtaking (When are her performances not, though?!) We predict that she will be taking home quite a few Grammy's this year!

4. EDM hitting the Grammy Stage

Skrillex and Diplo

Like an absolute pop trifecta Justin Bieber, Skrillex, and Diplo brought EDM to a whole new group of listeners. Where R U Now by Justing Bieber featuring Jack U soared to the top of the charts and now for the first time EDM will be heard on the Grammy Stage. We can't wait to hear this trio together and see what they come out with. 


The Grammy's this year are for sure going to be one of the best. We can't wait to see what the celeb's hit the Red Carpet in. Stay tuned for our favorites outfits!


For Elyse

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