January 04, 2016

Four Ways to Style Your Scarves

With the holidays ending, but the cold air still remaining we are constantly looking for ways to change up our winter wardrobe! An easy and affordable way to change up your wardrobe is by finding new ways to style all of your scarves. Styling your scarf the right way can take an outfit from boring to fabulous! If you still don't have the scarf your looking for check out our collection. We have styles for all tastes! Grab your scarf and let's get started! 

Here is our favorite ways to style a scarf!

four ways to style a scarf

1st Style: The Fashion Knot

2nd Style: The Boyfriend Tie 

The boyfriend tie scarf

3rd Style: The Basic Loop 

The loop scarf

4th Style: The Classic Infinity 

Infinity scarf

Stay warm and stylish! 



Kayla Sumpter
Kayla Sumpter


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