October 30, 2015

DIY: Halloween Costumes in Your Budget!

Ladies, get your DIY skills out - because it’s Halloween!

If you're looking for a cute & fun costume on a budget we have your back!

Every year Halloween comes around and we search the stores for a costume that’s relatively priced and still fun, and come up with our pockets empty with a costume we use once. Our simple yet chic Halloween costumes are meant for your style, your budget, and your year round enjoyment!


Outfit One: The classic Kitty Cat

Halloween Cat

  • Get a pair of cat ears and a tail from your local store
  • Cost: $10 from your local Halloween store or Target


  • For your kitty whiskers and nose you can easily use black eyeliner
  • Cost: $1 at your local Target


  • For your outfit try our Taylor Inspired Romper in black! You won’t just get one use out of this, you can wear again and again!
  • Cost: $44.99 at For Elyse


Pair with black booties and you are ready to prowl the streets for Halloween night!


Cat Make-upCat Costume DIY


Outfit Two: The chic Masquerade Ball Victorian

 Masquerade Ball

  • Purchase a mask from your local Halloween Store.
  • They have many styles and designs to chose from!
  • Price: $10 from Spirit Halloween


  • Style your mask with our Going Out Tonight Dress!
  • Price: $44.99 at For Elyse

Slip into a pair of black heels and dance the night away!

 Masquerade Mask

You will be Halloween ready in no time!

XOXO // @ForElyse

Kayla Sumpter
Kayla Sumpter


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November 29, 2015

These inspos are just perfect!


November 29, 2015

I like them all! My closet pegs too.


November 29, 2015

Thanks for the great tips!!

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