December 07, 2015

Nailed it! A Holiday Nail Guide

You're invited to the hottest holiday party of the year. You've got the dress, you've got the shoes, you know how you're going to do your make up and hair. So, What's next? Your nails! 

We've prepared the perfect nail guide and inspiration for any holiday occasion!

1. Geometric Gold Stripes

How gorgeous are these? The trendy geometric pattern with the vibrant gold color is a perfect pairing. (via Brit + Co)

2. The Color Block

We love a good color block. Add some glitter and we're sold. Red and glitter are the perfect holiday mixture of colors! (via Wonder Forest)

3. Golden Tips

Looking for a more simple but still festive look? The classic twist on the french tip is for you! (via The Zoe Report

4. Candy Cane Cutie 

It's like having the classic treat on your fingers! You can do this design like shown with only one designed finger, or you could go all out with all 10 nails looking like the sweet treat! (via Brit + Co

5. Snowflakes 

If you're a fan of nail art try the sweet snowflake design this holiday season! Both festive and work appropriate. (via Nail Artitudes De Claire)

6. Subtle Sparkle & Shine 

We think this could be perfect all year round, but it looks great especially around the holidays. The nude champagne base coat with a descending sparkle tip is everything. (via Pshiiit)

7. Holiday Glitter

The soft neutral base paired with the holiday glitter will be sure to get you into the holiday cheer! (via Glitter and Nails)

Nailed it!

Comment below and tell us your favorite! 

XOXO @ForElyse

November 09, 2015

Fall Hair Trends We Love!

September 22nd marked the official start of one of our favorite seasons - fall! As the color aesthetic changes around us, so do many of the ladies locks around us! We played close attention to what happened on all the notable runways and looked to magazines like Vogue and we've gone through and picked out the hottest fall hair trends to keep you looking beautiful all season long! Here they are:

1. Bronde

Cara Delevinge

Bronde is considered to be the natural middle between and brunette and blonde. When you go into your stylist ask for ultra - natural bronde highlights. Bronde has been one of the most popular colors of the season and is complimentary to both brunettes and blondes - it literally suits everyone! We love the look on one of our ultra edgy "Woman Crush Wednesdays" - Cara Delevinge 

2. Deep Rich Chocolate Brunette

Nina Dobrev

Have you seen Nina Dobrev's perfect chocolate hair? We're obsessed. It's the perfect balance of warmth and coolness.
We think this look is perfect for fall and an easy transition into the darker winter months. Bring in this picture of Nina and let your hairstylist work their magic!
3. "Lived In" Color
This is one of the hottest trends seen on almost every runway – and we see why! How perfect is this? *schedules appointment asap* What "lived in" means is that they are strategically placed blonde highlights complimented by a neutral base. We’ve included a blonde “lived in” look and a brunette “lived in” look. We recommend that to ensure you get exactly the lived in locks you want that you bring in multiple photos so your stylist can get it just right!
4. Golden Mahogany Brown
Eva Longoria is the QUEEN of this look. This color can warm up almost every skin tone, and is complimentary to almost all assortments of eye colors. Note that “golden mahogany brown” means different things to different stylists so make sure you take a picture in with you!
Now that we've seen some of the hottest colors that are heating up as it cools down - let's see some of the hottest hair styles that are guaranteed to wow!
1. The Half Up Half Down - The HUN
We’re obsessed with this look. Not only because it looks cute with every outfit – but it’s super easy to style! This is definitely our go-to look for the fall.
2. Waves

This year is all about the loose waves. Queen B.. I mean, Beyonce, is showing us exactly how they are supposed to look! Achieve this look with a wand curling iron or using your regular curling iron and not clamping the hair – simply wrapping it alongside the outside and holding for about 10 seconds! If you’re feeling up to it, you can even achieve this look using your straightening iron.

3. The Half Pony

The look made popular by Ariana Grande has caught on! We’re loving it on Lauren Conrad and think it’s the perfect way to add a little volume into your hair for a preppy fall look.

4. Blunt Cuts

The runway this season had a shocking absence of layers. It was all about the blunt cut.  We love the look and think you will too! Lucy Hale looks beautiful here with her bold, blunt cut.

We hope you loved our tips of how to keep your luscious locks on trend this fall season! Tag us at @ForElyse on Instagram and Twitter and show us how you are rocking these fall trends!

XOXO - @ForElyse



April 04, 2014

Sleeping Beauty: Tips For Waking Up Beautified

Sure, it would be great to naturally wake up looking like this...but for most of us we may feel more like this in the morning:


Real talk: we're busy and it takes us giving up the snooze button to have enough time to feel like a million bucks by the time we step out the door. Never fear! The key is quick, easy steps the night before so you can truly catch up on your beauty rest.

1. Save face. Your mom was right! Cleaning your face before you go to bed is one of the most important things you can do. Studies have shown that make-up and smog residue that builds up on your face during the day can lead to acne and even (gasp!) wrinkles. Take the two minutes you need to clean your face with a mild cleanser, or if you're traveling or too tired you can always use handy make-up removing towelettes. After, pat on your favorite night cream to your face and neck. We recommend this anti-aging cream with skin-boosting Retinol.  

2. Braid it up. Wash your hair the night before and apply a dab of styling cream - then braid it up! In the morning, undo the braids, add a spritz of styling spray (we love this one) and bam...beach babe! Doing this provides soft, natural waves and eliminates frizz.

3. Humidify. The lazy girl's guide to moisturizing your skin with no effort. We love this discreet, stylish humidifier that could pass for a vase! Without much more than pressing a button, humidifiers soothe and hydrate your skin while you sleep.

4. Sleep like a mummy. Bad news for all you tummy sleepers, sleeping on your stomach can cause puffy eyes and irritate the soft tissues on your face. By sleeping on your back in a slightly elevated position, you won't have any fluid retention in your face.

5. Invest in a silk or satin pillow cover. Yes, it might sound a little over the top, but this is truly worth it. In case you do roll over, having a soft silk pillowcase is less likely to cause wrinkles and also helps with hair breakage. What do you think? Are these tips easy enough to follow and have they worked for you? Post in the comments below!

XOXO // @ForElyse